Periodical List for the Lloyd Shaw Dance Archives C - E

The following list, alphabetical by title, shows the place of publication,
followed by the organization responsible (if known), and the approximate
years of issues found in the Archives. Missing issues are not indicated. This list
was prepared originally by Lee Ellen Friedland (Washington, DC).

TITLE Place Organization Dates
Club Chatter  Sheboygan, WI 1950
Colorado Round Dance Association  Denver, CO 1977-78
Colorado State Square Dancers Association Bulletin Denver, CO 1957-59
Communique Magazine  Albuquerque, NM 1987
Community Barn Dance News  Rockford, IL 1947-48
Connecticut Inter-Club Squares Bulletin  Belford, CT 1958-60
Contra Conversations  Kettering, OH 1983-89
Contralab Quarterly,  1985-88
Cotillion Courier, The  Alexandria, VA 1975-77
Cotton-Patch Rag ,  Houston, TX Houston Folklore Society 1979-80
Country Crossroads  Spokane, WA 1981-86
Country Dance Serenader, The  Norwell, MA 1949-51
Country Dance and Song  New York, NY 1968-88
Country Dancer, The  [See Country Dancing] Minneapolis, MN 1955-56
Country Dancer, The  New York, NY The Country Dance and Song Society 1948-66
Country Dancing  Minneapolis, MN 1956-57
Country Music Record, The  West Springfield, MA 1982-83
Cross Trail  Lovell, WY Big Horn Basin Federation of Square Dancers 1967-69
Cross Trail  Lovell, WY Wyoming State Square Dance Federation 1977-78
Cross Trail News  Vancouver, BC Vancouver Islands Western Square Dance Association 1961-81
Cross Trailer  St. Clare, WI 1958
Cross-Trailer, The  Harrod, OH 1959-61
Cue Sheet, The  San Diego, CA 1962-88
Cues 'n' Tips,  1965-83
Cues and Tips  Columbus, OH Central Ohio Western Square and Round Dance Magazine 1979-88
DVSD Newsletter Delaware Valley Square Dance Association 1961-66
Dance Chatter  Sumter, SC 1954-56
Dance Chronicle  New York, NY 1987-88
Dance Connection  Alberta, Canada Alberta Dance Alliance 1989
Dance Craft Diary  Princeton, BC 1955
Dance Digest National Dance League 1959
Dance Journal  London, England 1964-65
Dance Magazine  New York, NY 1971-80
Dance Masters of America Elmira, NY 1953
Dance News Houston, TX The  Houston Square Dance Council 1961-62
Dance Notes  Portland, OR 1981-84
Dance Notes  Reno, NV 1961-65
Dance Perspectives  New York, NY #43 (1970), 46 (1971), 56 (1973)
Dance Research Journal  New York, NY 1974-89
Dance Scope  New York, NY 1965-79
Dance in the Spotlight  Boston, MA 1964
Dance-A-Cade Vacations  Potomac, MD 1978-80
Dancer's Newsetter  Central Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs 1961
Dancer, The  Portland, OR 1951-75
Dancer, The  Virginia Beach, VA 1987-88
Dancer, The, Memphis Caller's Workshop Memphis, TN 1974-75
Dancer, The Norfolk, VA Tidewater's Square and Round Dance  1976-82
Dancers News, The  Highland, CA 1962-63
Dancin' with Dawson  Sarasota, FL 1962-64
Dancing Around New Brunswick Federation of Square Dance Clubs 1965
Dancing Hi-Lites Moose Jaw, Saskn  Moose Jaw and District Square and Round Dance Associatio 1980-81
Dans Newsletter  Halifax, NS 1989
Darts - Dance Around the Squares Rockford, IL The Rock River Area Dancers Association  1987-88
Del Rey Squares Banner  Los Angeles, CA 1987-88
Deluxe Square Dance News  Chicago, IL 1952
Denver Area Square Dance Council Bulletin Denver, CO 1972-89
Desert Roundup News Trona, CA 1956-57
Desert Squares  Needles, CA 1951
Dixie Crier, Georgia State Square Dancers Association  Atlanta, GA 1972-81
Dixie Dancer, The  Tampa, FL 1955-
Dixie Round Dance Council Newsletter  Memphis, TN 1978-84
Dixie Round Dance Council Newsletter  Oak Ridge, TN 1983-89
Do Si Doings El Segundo, CA 1954
Domino Dateline  Hawthorne, CA 1963-72
Double Toe Times, The Longwood, FL 1985-88
Downers Grove Square Dance Club Newsletter  Downers Grove, IL 1959
EAASDC Bulletin  European Association of American Square Dancing Clubs 1981-89
EFDSS News  London, England English Folk Dance and Song Society 1965-68
Edmonton and District News Sheet  Edmonton, Alb 1954
Educational Dance  New York, NY 1939
English Dance and Song ,  London, England English Folk Dance and Song Society,  1954-74
Erie Area Call Ender  Erie, PA 1971-78
Ethnic News  New York, NY 1968
Everybody Dance  Glendale, CA 1950

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