Periodical List for the Lloyd Shaw Dance Archives A - C

The following list, alphabetical by title, shows the place of publication,
followed by the organization responsible (if known), and the approximate
years of issues found in the Archives. Missing issues are not indicated. This list
was prepared originally by Lee Ellen Friedland (Washington, DC).

TITLE Place Organization Date
ADCA News  Albany, NY Albany District Callers' Association 1955-57
ASARDA News  Montgomery, AL 1978-88
Alamo Area Square and Round Dance Association  San Antonio, TX 1973,
Alaska Federation of Square Dance Clubs News  Fairbanks, AK 1972-81
Alberta Square and Round Dance Federation  Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta 1976-80
Allegany Valley Square Dance Federation Newsletter  NW PA and SW NY 1966-67
Allemande Left!  Garden City, MI 1954-55
Allemande Star  Ogden, UT Ogden Area Square Dance Association, 1958-80
Allemande, The Buffalo, NY 1953-54
American Dance Circle, The  Albuquerque, NM The Lloyd Shaw Foundation,  1979-
American Square Dance  [See American Squaredance] Arlington, DE 1953-62
American Square Dance  [See American Squaredance] Moline, IL 1963-68
American Square Dance Association Foundation News and Views,  1978
American Squaredance   [See American Squares] Huron, OH 1968-
American Squares  [See American Squaredance] Woodbury, NJ 1945-52
Apart Point Magazine  Tollhouse, CA 1987-88
Arctic Circler, The  Spenard, AK
Arizona Round and Square Dance Magazine  Phoenix, AZ 1966
Arizona Toe Dust  [See Toedust Magazine] Phoenix, AZ 1959-61 
Arkansas Round-Up  Little Rock, AR Arkansas Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs 1950-54
Arkansas' Square Grit Little Rock, AR Arkansas Square Dance Convention, Inc. 1973-82
Around the Corner  Melrose Park, IL 1955-66
Around the Squares  Penticton, BC 1972-85
Arrowhead Grand Square, The  Duluth, MN 1957
Associated Square Dancers Newsletter  Southern Cal 1966
BSDA Tips  Birmingham, AL Birmingham Square Dance Association 1969-88
Balance and Swing  Dallas, TX Southwest Texas Square Dance Callers' Clinic 1953-56
Balance and Swing Jumble  New Orleans, LA 1956
Ballet Review  New York, NY 1987-89
Ballroom Dance Magazine  New York, NY 1962
Bay Area Country Dancer  San Francisco, CA 1984-87
Beehive, The  Long Beach, CA 1960-61
Beverley Hillbillies Footnotes  Brentwood, CA 1956-64
Big Sky Square and Round Dance News  Helena, MT 1987-88
Boots and Bonnets  Tulsa, OK 1948
Boots and Saddles New Orleans, LA 1958
Border Boosters Northern NY, Southern Can 1974
Bow and Swing  Apopka, FL 1951-
British Association of American Square Dance Clubs Monthly Bulletin, The  London, England 1953
British Columbia Square and Round Dance Federation Newsletter Vernon, BC 1981-82
Buckeye Foot Notes Lyndhurst, OH 1960-63
Buffalo Square Dancer Buffalo, NY 1955-60
Bugle South Western Ontario Square and Round Dance Association St. Thomas, Ont 1988
Bulletin Board, The  Seattle, WA 1970-80
Bulletin of the International Folk Music Council  London, England 1963-64
Buzzin' Cuzzins Bugle El Cerrito, CA 1969-71
CASDA Chatter,  Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga Area Square Dancers' Association, The 1971-81
CDS Newsletter  New York, NY 1966-89
CORD News New York, NY 1970-74, 1988
Cabin Candle, The  Marseilles, IL 1959-73
Calendar of Square and Round Dances, The  Houston, TX 1976-
Calico Corral News Reel, The  Bell, CA 1956-59
California Contra  Anaheim, CA 1981-83
California Square Dance Council Minutes,  1977-81
California Square Dancer Blue Book  Alhambra, CA 1976-89
Caller's Corner  Medford, OR 1956-62
Caller's Gazette, The  Concord, CA 1977-84
Caller, The  Memphis, TN 1962-82
Caller, The  Newberg, OR 1951-53
Callerlab Direction,  1972-81
Calls 'n' Cues  Washington, DC 1959-88
Camping Squares Newsletter  Houston, TX 1976-77
Canadian Dancers News Magazine  Ottawa, Ont 1981-89
Carolina Caller Chapin, SC 1984-89
Cathedral Chimes  Christchurch, NZ 1973-81 
Central California Caller  Fresno, CA 1954-60
Central California Square Dance Association  Modesto, CA 1973
Central Coast Square Dance Chatter  Paso Robles, CA 1963-69
Central District Square Dance Association of Oklahoma Newsletter  Oklahoma City, OK 1950-55
Central Kansas Square Dancers Association News  Salina, KS 1954-60
Central Puget Sound Council Folk Dance Federation of Washington Bulletin,  1952-57
Chatter Box, European Association of American Square Dance Clubs,  1970-80
Chicago Area Callers Association Calendar  Chicago, IL 1954-69
Chips 'n' Tips Lakewood, CA 1962-64
Circle 8 Club Bulletin  Talledega, AL 1959-61
Circulator, The  Cortland, NY 1981
Clog and Tell  Iowa City, IA 1986-87
Clogging Association of Wisconsin Newsletter 1986
Cloverleaf, The  Three Hills, Alb Central Alberta Square and Round Dance Association 1988

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