Found in "Cowboy Dances," by Lloyd Shaw, all editions, pp 271-273. 

First couple bow and swing

Lead to the right and circle four

Now first gent break and pick up two (couple 3)

And same gent break and pick two more (couple 4) 

Now first gent lead into a grapevine twist

First man breaks the circle with his left hand and without losing any other hand holds, leads his partner through an arch made by couple 2 (man 2 must dishrag under his own right arm to finish). As he comes through the arch, he leads to the right behind the man and back to his place. Then he crosses the set to couple three and leads his partner and couple two through an arch made by couple 3, leading right as he clears the arch around and back to place (man 3 does a dishrag to finish). Then the first man pulls his partner and couples 2 and 3 through an arch made by couple four, leads right as before but after a few steps, he reverses course, leads left to turn the circle "inside out" until he comes back to where couple four originally stood. Then, he finishes a figure eight, continuing to lead the line from an anti-clockwise circle facing out to a clockwise circle facing in moving round the space originally occupied by the square.

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