Program for Secondary Education

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The new kit, handsomely packaged in an 8 ½ x 11 looseleaf binder, contains four CD’s of music – 74 tunes (Click for contents) for square dances, quadrilles, folk dances, mixers, couple dances and contras, almost all cued or with cue bands.

Also included is a manual of over 140 pages of detailed instructions and cues for 13 square dances and quadrilles, 18 round dances and mixers, 18 contras and 17 international folk dances; a complete glossary, dance history and teaching aids.

The chapters include:


You – the Leader;


Tips on Teaching and a Word on Styling;

Prompting and Cuing and Diagramming a Dance;

Your Sound System;

Using the Video Tape;

Performance Objectives and Building the Units;

Dance in the Subject Matter Curriculum;

Dance in the Music Curriculum;

Community Dance;

Squares and Quadrilles;

Couples, Mixer and Specialty Dances;

Contra Dances and International Folk Dances.

A video tape with over 50 clips showing individual movements and full dances is included.

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