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LS 517/518 Prompted by Don Armstrong; flip instrumental

Music: Krusel-Konter, as arranged by Heinz Lau for recording on the Tanz label, with permission of Walter Kogler.

Formation: Four couples in a square, slightly larger than the size of the set for square dances.

Timing: Please note that each action of the Figure(s) utilizes 8 counts of music; the Grand Square a total of 32 counts; and in the Closer, each of the two-hand turns uses 8 counts of music. The full promenade takes 16 counts.

Styling: The timing helps to establish the styling. It should NEVER be hurried. All hand turns are "open"- hands at the ladies' shoulder height, gentlemen palms up, with dancers far enough apart so that 8 dancing steps are comfortably and naturally utilized to execute each movement. If each dancer will imagine that he/she is at a formal ball with the ladies in hoop skirts, the gentlemen in formal or military dress, the "feeling" of the dance will be easier to create. Try it!

Counts Action and explanationChord All bow to partners

Figure I

1- 8 Ladies star right three-quarters as gentlemen, sweeping wide to use 8 cts, advance one position to the right to meet their original partner.9-16 All dancers turn partner once around with left hands joined to place the ladies in the center again with a right hand star (NOT a courtesy turn).17-24 Repeat action of Counts 1-8.25-32 Repeat action of Counts 9-16.33-40 Repeat action of Counts 1-8.41-48 Repeat action of Counts 9-16.49-56 Repeat action of Counts 1-8.57-64 Repeat action of Counts 9-16, except to end with all at home, with head couples facing center and side couples facing their own partners, in preparation for the Grand Square which follows.


1-32 Dance a complete, precise and graceful Grand Square.

Figure II

1-64 Repeat the actions of Figure I, EXCEPT that the GENTLEMEN star right, while the LADIES move around the perimeter of the formation.


1-32 Dance the GRAND SQUARE again.Figure III1-64 Repeat the actions of Figure I, EXCEPT that on counts 1-8 the ladies star, on 9-16 dancers turn once and a half so that the gentlemen star, and continue this alternating pattern until all have returned to home position ladies star, gentlemen star, ladies star, gentlemen star. The partner turns in between each star utilize 8 counts and the same hand positions, but the dancers step closer to their partners to permit the 1½ revolutions without hurrying. (Please remember that these hand holds are NOT pigeon-wing, but more nearly resemble a "minuet" hand position.)Break1-32 Dance the GRAND SQUARE again.Closer1- 8 All turn partners CW with a wide 2-hand turn so that each can, upon re-leasing hands, walk past their partner to their corner.9-16 All turn corners CW with a wide 2-hand turn so that each can, upon re-leasing hands, walk past each other to return to partner.17-32 Promenade partners all the way round the set.

Chord All bow to partners.

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