Amos Moses Routine
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Record: LS E-14
Formation: No partners, children in lines facing the teacher. 
Meas. (2 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-2 = 4 counts)
1-2 Touch R heel diagonally forward and to the R, bring it back and touch (do not put weight on it); repeat;
3-4 Step to R side on R foot, close L to R; step to R on R, touch L;
5-6 Step to L side on L foot, close R to L; step to L on L, touch R;
7-8  Travel straight ahead four steps, to end facing exactly ¼ to the right, and embellish this by including a ¼ L-face turn on step 1 and a ½ R-face turn on step 3. 
To accomplish this: While turning ¼ L-face, step to side on R, behind on L, to side on R with a pivot to turn l/2 R-face, bring L foot past the right, ending with weight on L foot ready to begin again.
1-2 Right heel; right heel;
3-4 Side, close; side, touch;
5-6 Side, close; side, touch;
7-8 Step, behind; pivot, step. 
Note: If the children have difficulty with Meas. 7-8, have them walk forward, 2, 3, 4, turning on the 4th step to face ¼ to the right. After they have recognized the direction and the ending position of the 4 counts, add the turn and pivot action.

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