Swanee River


(Lady 'Round the Lady)

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Called version by Dick Pasvolsky 

Music: The Pioneers

LS 521/522 

Allemande left and a grand right and left (sing)
Way down upon the Swanee River
Far, far away* promenade your lady
There's where my heart is turning ever, swing her
There's where the old folks stay, couple one to the right

Lady go 'round the lady
Gent go 'round the gent
Gent go 'round the lady
Lady go 'round the gent
Duck right on through**
Swing your lady 'round in the middle
And take her on with you 

Repeat the figure two more times for couple one to dance with couples three and four. 

Repeat the break and figure three more times with couples two, three and four leading out in turn. 

Note to callers:

* Suggest to dancers that they do an automatic dosado at this point if they have time

** Inside couple forms an arch, outside couple ducks through. Suggest that both couples swing. 

Alternate words for "lady/gent": ma/pa, she/he, her/him, cow/bull, ewe/ram, doe/buck.

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