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 A Traditional Western Square

Called by Bill Litchman

Music: Hawks & Eagles/Rock the Cradle, Joe

Band: Meet the Beat Boys, a Danish old time string band

Record No.: LS E-50B 

Please Note: This type of traditional calling cannot be regimented in lines or stanzas; its appeal is in the extemporaneous patter of the caller. The figures are given the proper timing but the dance is not choreographed like a singing call or a contra. It is suggested that a caller wishing to use the music on the instrumental side put his own words and figures to it, and use the called side as an example of this calling technique. 

Bill's figures are: 

Short introduction using circle left, allemande left, right and left grand, and promenade. 

First figure: Push ol' Ma, push ol' Pa. This figure is done starting with couple one and then a second time starting with couple three. Basically couple one swings, down center, divide the ring, separate, round two, push side couple dancers to center, they swing, and fall into vacated place. This is repeated with couples two and three when all will be back with partner. At the end of this figure, I had everyone swing and then promenade around (all the way). Then the same figure was done starting with couple three. 

Second figure: Docey out and she comes in (as in Shaw's Cowboy Dances). Couple one swings to the center of the circle and performs the figure dancing around each person in the square in turn until they meet at the end and then everyone swings and promenade. 

Third figure: Dip and dive. Couple two bow and swing, lead to the right, circle half, inside arch and outside under and dip and dive across and back to place, second couple ends by diving to center and moving to fourth couple to do dive for the oyster followed by the docey doe. Then couple two moves to first couple and does the dip and dive figure again. At the end, second couple dives to center and all swing. 

Fourth figure: Triple duck. Couple three bow and swing, lead right, circle, leave woman there, man goes to next couple, circle three, steal the woman, go to next couple, circle four, leave her there and go home alone. Then threes forward and back and men hook left, make arch with right and ladies walk around through three3 arches as line turns, form new lines immediately after third arch (done four times). Swing corner, then partner, and promenade. 

Fifth figure: Forward 6 and fall back 8. Couple four swing, down center, divide couple two, separate, round only one, form line of four. Four forward and back, forward and stand. Heads right and left through along these lines, over and back. Four fall back and sashay to right behind couple three. Forward six and fall back eight sequence. Sashay four to right to open space, forward and back, forward and stand. Heads chain ladies through center (and back). Four fall back, sashay to right. Forward six and fall back eight sequence (different). Sashay to right. Forward four, circle four, docey doe. Everybody home and everybody swing. 

Ending involves a sequence of allemande left, dosado at home, bow to partner, corner, and that's all.

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