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LS E-31, Side B. Track 1, instrumental; track 2, called by Joe Fleischauer. 

Formation: Square 

Opener, middle break, closer


l- 8 Head (SIDE) two ladies chain to the right, you turn 'em there my friend,

9-16 Same two ladies chain to the right, one more time again,

17-24 Now all four ladies chain across, straight across the square,

25-32 Join hands and circle left from there,

33-40 Reverse back in single file, ladies lead the ring,

41-48 Men tap 'em on the shoulder, girls turn back and swing,

49-56 Well swing and whirl and promenade, we're gonna step it light

57-64 To a square dance in the old red barn tonight. 


1- 8 Head (SIDE) two ladies chain across, turn that lady fair,

9-16 Head (SIDE) two couples promenade half way round the square,

17-24 Go into the center, Do Sa Do once across the floor,

25-32 Now circle four in the center (left) go once and a quarter more,

33-40 Drop hands and pass through, swing your corner pet,

41-48 Swing and whirl and promenade, go full around you bet,

49-56 Promenade the ring, boy you better watch your step,

57-64 There's a square dance in the old red barn tonight. 

Sequence: Opener (heads), figure twice for heads, break (sides), figure twice for sides, closer (heads). 

Tag: In the old red barn tonight..  

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