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LS E-15 
Formation: Partners in a single circle facing LOD, girl in front of boy. 

Meas. (6/8 time, 2 strong counts per meas.; i.e., 1-4 = 8 counts) 
1- 4 I'm Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines,
I feed my horse on corn and beans;
5- 6 I swing the ladies in their teens,
For that's the style in the army.
9-16 I teach the ladies how to dance,
How to dance, how to dance;
I teach the ladies how to dance,
For that's the style in the army.
17-20 Salute your partner, turn to the right,
March, 2, 3, 4;
21-24 Swing that lady with all your might,
For that's the style in the army;
25-32 Now promenade ‘em two by two,
Two by two, two by two;
Promenade ‘em two by two,
For that's the style in the army. 
1- 4 March in LOD; stop on the word “beans” (8th ct); girls turn around to partner and
5- 8 Two-hand swing with partner, finishing with both hands joined, boy's back to center (8 counts);
9-16 Slide 16 counts in LOD, stop on the word “army”;
l7-20 Military salute to partner, both face right; march 4 steps to new partner;
21-24 Two-hand swing with new partner for 8 counts;
25-32 Promenade 16 counts with new partner in LOD. Finish in a single circle, girl in front of partner, ready to begin.

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