By Don Armstrong

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LS E-29, Side B, Track 1, instrumental; Track 2, prompted by Don Armstrong.

Music: "Starry Nights and Candlelight" written and played by Vivian Williams, along with Pat Spaeth and Phil Williams.

Formation: Four couples in a square, slightly larger than the size of the set for square dances. All start facing in, hands joined; M's L and W's R foot for all parts.

Note: There is NO introduction, just pick-up notes.


1- 4 ROCK FWD, TOUCH, -; BACK, TOUCH, -; LADIES ROLL RIGHT, 2, 3; STEP, TOUCH, -; Following the fwd and back, the corner lady rolls R-face to R, momentarily holding both hands with her corner, to become his new partner as they end facing, both hands joined, M facing LOD, W facing RLOD.

5- 8 CANTER IN, -, -; IN, -, TOUCH; OUT, -, -; OUT, -, TOUCH; Either with a canter or using a step-draw, dancers moved into the center for 2 measures and out for 2 measures to end facing IN, hands joined all around (new partners) to repeat Meas. 1 through 8. The MEN should be careful to remain in their home position in the set.

9-16 REPEAT ALL OF MEAS. 1-8 ABOVE, except to end facing slightly apart,

with LEFT hands joined, M facing LOD, W facing RLOD.

17-24 PASS WIDE LEFT, 2, 3; 4, 5, 6; WIDE RIGHT, 2, 3; 4, 5, 6; WIDE LEFT, 2, 3;

4, 5, 6; AROUND RIGHT, 2, 3; CLOSE UP, 5, 6; Starting with L hands, dancers to a "Left and Right Grand" to the FOURHT PERSON they meet, making each action almost circular and wide, utilizing 6 counts per hand. Joined hands should be at the height of the ladies' shoulders and extended to facilitate comfortably the wide, sweep-around movement. Upon meeting the FOURTH PERSON with the RIGHT hand, dancers continue the sweep-around motion around each other in the first 3 steps, and then the M places the W's R in his L hand as they blend into closed position in meas. 24, ending the M facing LOD, the W facing RLOD, ready for the closed position R-face turning waltz to follow.

25-32 WALTZ TO M'S HOME POSITION (8 measures). Dance R-face closed position turning waltz to the M's home position in the set, drifting apart on the last measure into the circle to begin the dance again.

Repeat the dance three more times.

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