When It's Springtime in the Rockies


A waltz by Russ and Leah Hendrickson of Denver, Colorado.

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Record: LS X-98

Position: Open pos with inside hands joined, facing LOD.

Footwork: Opposite throughout, directions to man.

Introduction: Four measures.

     Progressing slightly in LOD, partners turn away from each
     other (man to L, woman to R), making one complete turn in
     2 waltz meas. Man progressing slightly more than woman,
     and at the end of the 6th count, they meet in closed pos,
     man's back to LOD.
     Starting back on man's L, 2 meas of RF waltz, opening out
     on last count to face LOD.
     5-8  Repeat meas 1-4, ending close together, facing LOD, inside
     hands joined, held well fwd, elbows bent.
     Step fwd in LOD on outside foot and swing the inside foot
     fwd; step fwd on inside foot and swing the outside foot
          11-12     TURN; TWINKLE;
     Dropping hands, turn away from partner (man to L, woman
     to R) and make one complete turn almost in place in 3
     steps. Man takes woman's R hand in his L. Step fwd in
     LOD on R, then beginning a half RF turn, step L beside R,
     complete turn to face RLOD by stepping on R beside L.
     (woman steps fwd on L, then makes a half LF turn to end
     facing RLOD)
     13   ROLL ACROSS
     Woman rolls across in front of man, making a RF turn in 3
     steps, R, L, R (man waltzes in place, L, R, L), to end in
     Varsouvianna pos, both facing RLOD. If man will give a
     slight pull on woman's R, which he is holding at the
     beginning of this roll, it will help her make this turn easily.
     However, the hand should be dripped immediately after the
     lead is given.
          14-15     WALTZ; WALTZ
     In Varsouvianna pos, 2 fwd waltzes in RLOD, man starting
     on R.
     16   TURN
     Man makes a half RF turn in place in 3 steps to face LOD
     to repeat from meas 9. Woman makes a half LF turn in 3
     steps around the man to face LOD.
          17-24     Repeat meas 9-16. This time, when man makes his 
half RF
          turn as in meas 16, he maneuvers to closed pos, his back to
          25-28     WALTZ; WALTZ; BALANCE; TWIRL
     Two RF waltzes, ending with man's back to COH. Bal
     back on man's L. Man waltzes in place as woman makes a
     LF twirl in 3 steps.
          29-32     Repeat meas 25-28.

Dance through 3 times. At the end, after woman has made her LF twirl, bow.

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