Waltzing Matilda


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Record: LS 248-45, X-55(78) Music: Waltzing Matilda, played in 4/4 and 3/4 time.

Position: Couples standing in a large circle, all facing LOD, in Varsouvianna position, M's R hand holding W's R over her right shoulder, M's L holding her L in front of his chest.

Footwork: Identical throughout. Both start on L foot.

Introduction: 2 measures of 4/4 time. Wait.

Measures 4/4 1-4 ROCK FWD, , ROCK BACK, ; ROCK FWD, , STEP, ; TWO-STEP, TWP-STEP; WALK, 2, 3, 4

Both step fwd on L, hold, step back on R, turning slightly to face partner, hold; step fwd on L, hold, and step R to L, hold; moving in LOD do two quick two-steps (L, R, L and R, L, R); walk fwd in LOD four steps, (L, R, L).

4/4 5-8 CROSS, , OUT, ; BACK, STEP, STEP, ; CROSS, , OUT, ; BACK, STEP, STEP, Two cross-step schottische steps in four meas: cross L foot over R and point, cross L foot back twd COH and point; step back on L, step back on R, close L to R; repeat these 2 meas, starting with R foot.

3/4 9-12 WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; MANEUVER TO R- HAND STAR Still in varsouvianna pos, do three waltzes straight fwd in LOD L, R, L; R, L, R; L, R, L; on meas 12 partners release L hands, and W turns out R, L, R to face RLOD in R-hand star pos.

3/4 13-16 WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; TURN W TO VARSOUVANNA In four waltz steps partners make one complete CW turn around each other in place; on meas 16 W turns R-face under their joined R hands to assume varsouvianna pos, facing LOD.

4/4 17-20 CROSS, , OUT, ; BACK, STEP, STEP, ; WALK, , 2, ; TWO-STEP, TOUCH Dance another cross-step schottische step, starting L foot: cross L over R, point and hold, cross L back twd COH, point and hold; step back on L, step back on R, close L to R; starting R, W takes two slow walking steps fwd to next man in LOD (having released hand-holds) R, L, while M steps bwd, R, L; on the last meas, do one two-step in place, R, L, R, touch L, as dancers assume varsouvianna position with a new partner.

SEQUENCE: In the original recording the dance is done five times. On the last time through, walk fwd together in meas 19, twirl the lady and bow.

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