The Waltz You Saved for Me


A dance by Roger and Jean Knapp of Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Record: LS X-89

This dance is described by Jean Knapp as being "one Tyrolean,
side-car out and in, one forward waltz and three turning waltzes;
then the waltz pivot, and forward dip, side, close, repeated, a
balance and three waltzes."

Position: Semi-closed for introduction, then open pos for figure.
Opposite footwork, directions given for the man.

     1-4  Wait.
     5-8  TWIRL, 2, 3; DIP, SIDE, CLOSE; TWIRL BACK, 2, 3;
     SIDE, TOUCH,  
     In semi-closed pos, facing LOD, twirl woman RF under the
     joined hands fwd in LOD, then both dip fwd on inside foot,
     step to side and face partner and close outside foot; then
     moving RLOD, twirl woman LF under same joined hands
     (man backs up RLOD) step R to side and touch L to R in
     open pos.

     1-4  FWD, 2, CLOSE; NOW, TO, SIDE-CAR; OUT, E, TURN;
     IN, 2, FACE
     In open pos, waltz fwd and away from partner in LOD, L, R
     and close L to R; man now nearly waltzes in place as
     woman sweeps in to face center and a step-step-close, while
     man turns RF one quarter to face wall with woman on his L
     in butterfly side-car pos (hands joined and extended at
     shoulder level); man steps fwd while woman steps bwd twd
     wall, then both turn twd each other in 2 steps by man
     pulling with his L hand and pushing with his R to end in
     banjo pos (R hips adj) man facing center and woman facing
     the wall; step fwd on R twd center (woman bwd on L) then
     turn twd each other in 2 steps to end in closed pos, man
     facing LOD and drops R hand to woman's waist.
     5-8  FWD, 2, 3; WALTZ, 2, 3; WALTZ, 2, 3; WALTZ 2, 3
     In closed pos, waltz fwd LOD; then starting R, turn RF 3
     waltz meas (at end of first turning meas, man should have
     his back to ceter; second meas should have his back to
     wall; third meas should end with his back nearly to LOD).
     9-12 PIVOT, 2, 3; DIP, SIDE, CLOSE; PIVOT, 2, 3; DIP, SIDE,
     In very close closed pos, make a 3 step RF pivot moving
     slightly in LOD (the man steps L to side making a half turn
     on this first step, then steps fwd twd center on R between
     the woman's feet, then steps fwd LOD on L. The woman
     steps fwd LOD on R between man's feet and throws her wt
     to her L to help with the pivot, steps L to side continuing
     the pivot, then steps R in LOD facing fwd in semi-closed
     pos); dip fwd LOD in semi-closed pos, both stepping in
     front. Turn twd partner and step L to side LOD and close R
     to L taking wt on R; repeat the above two meas still moving
     LOD and end in closed pos man's back to COH.
          13-16     BAL,  ,  ; WALTZ, 2, 3; WALTZ, 2, 3; TWIRL, 2, 3
     Balance back on L in closed pos; two meas of RF turning
     waltz, and then twirl woman under man's L and her R hands
     to end in open pos facing LOD.

Repeat entire figure for a total of five times, ending with a bow.

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