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 LS E-16 (Waltz of the Flowers)  

Formation: Couples in a large double circle, facing LOD, in cross-hand promenade position, girls on outside. Identical footwork. 
Meas. (3 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-2 = 6 counts) 
1- 2 Step forward on left, touch right beside left, and hold; step back on right, touch left beside right, and hold;
3- 4 Walk six steps forward starting on left foot;
5- 6 Balance fwd on left and back on right as in Meas. 1-2;
7- 8 Walk three steps forward starting on left; on the next three steps all let go left hands, hang on with the right, boy walks forward to face OUT as his partner faces IN; he joins left hands with the next girl in the circle (the one who was in front of him) and his partner joins left hands with the boy on her left (the one who was behind her). Everyone is now in a single, two-faced circle alternating boy, girl, with all the boys facing OUT and all the girls facing IN. This is known as the Alamo circle. It should be wavy so that the forward balance brings dancers shoulder-to-shoulder but not past each other.
9-10 Balance fwd on left and back on right as in Meas. 1-2;
11-12 All release left hands, turn halfway round by the right and rejoin left hands with a new person, the girls facing OUT, the boys facing IN; use six steps for this action.
13-14 Balance fwd on left and back on right as in Meas. 1-2;
15-16 All release right hands and walk into promenade position with the person whose left hand they are holding. 
1- 2 Balance fwd and back;
3- 4 Walk, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6;
5- 6 Balance fwd and back;
7- 8 Walk fwd and into the Alamo circle;
9-10 Balance fwd and back;
11-12 Turn halfway by the RIGHT;
13-14 Balance fwd and back;
15-16 Hold by the left, you have your new partner.

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