Waltz Ballonet


A waltz mixer written by Mary and Fred Collette of Atlanta,

Unfamiliar with dance cue terminology? Learn more here.

Music: "Waltz of the Flowers"

Record: LS X-76, 244

Position: Couples standing in skirt skaters' pos, facing LOD.

Footwork: Identical, all start with L.

Introduction: Four meas. Wait in open pos for two meas, bal apart,
bal together into skirt skaters' pos.

     1-4  BAL FWD, 2,  ; BAL BWD, 2,  ; WALK, 2, 3; 4, 5, 6
     Step fwd on L, touch R and hold; step bwd on R, touch L
     and hold; starting L, walk fwd in LOD six steps (2 meas).
     This footwork pattern continues throughout the dance,
     always balancing fwd on the L and back on the R. The
     touch is also described as an "arch"   that is, the free foot is
     brought up close to the other foot, with the instep of the
     free foot against the heel of the other foot.
     5-8  BAL FWD, 2,  ; BAL BWD, 2,  ; WALK, 2, 3; TURN, 2,
     Repeat meas 1-2; releasing L hands and holding R hands,
     man walks fwd in LOD for 6 steps, turning one quarter RF
     on last 2 steps, so as to face the wall, while woman walks
     fwd 3 steps, turns RF in 3 steps, making a 3/4 turn around
     the joined R hands so as to face COH. All join hands, with
     all men facing out and all women facing "alamo style."
     9-12 BAL FWD, 2,  ; BAL BWD, 2,  ; ROTATE, 2, 3; 4, 5, 6
     All bal fwd as before, man twd wall (woman twd COH),
     straightening out arms as they do so; bal bwd; releasing L
     hands and holding R hands only, partners rotate half CW in
     6 steps. The men are now facing in and women facing out,
     all join hands in a circle again.
          13-16     BAL FWD, 2,  ; BAL BWD, 2,  ; WALK, 2, 3; TO NEW
          PARTNER, 2, 3
     All bal fwd and bwd as before; releasing R hands and
     holding L only, the woman takes 3 short steps to make a
     one quarter LF turn twd LOD and 3 steps in place, while
     the man who is holding her L hands does a one quarter LF
     turn in 6 short steps, stepping in twd COH and on around to
     face LOD, taking her R hand on her R hip, ready to repeat
     the dance with this new partner.

The 16 meas sequence is danced six times. At the end of the last
time through, man takes 3 steps back twd the next partner and
bows on the last meas.

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