The Carlyle


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Music: Rustic Dance by Fred Bergin

LS 144 

Please note that this music is very useful for a variety of things. The elementary dance "Partner Skip" for 1st and 2nd grades can be done to this music. 

Position: Regular round dance CP, M*s back to COH.

Footwork: Opposite throughout. 

During the introduction: Bow to your partner, come to CP. 


1-4 STEP, CUT, CUT, TOUCH; STEP, CUT, CUT, TOUCH; TWO-STEP; TWO-STEP; (Practice the "CUT" first. Stand on the L foot and "cut" under it with the R, placing the R exactly where theL was, and freeing the L to swing sidewise into the air. Cut back with the L, placing it where the R was, thus freeing the R to swing into the air. Keep on doing it: STEP LEFT, STEP RIGHT-SWING LEFT, STEP LEFT-SWING RIGHT, STEP RIGHT - until you feel sure of this delightful simple step.) After the two meas of Step, Cut, Cut, Touch do two meas of sidewise two-step, first to the L, then to the R.

5-8 SLIDE-CLOSE; SLIDE-CLOSE; SLIDE; CROSS; Slide to M*s L and close the R to it; and repeat; slide to the L; cross the R over in front of L (XIF), read to step on the L and begin over again. 

Teaching suggestions: You will find many ways of using this lively and charming music to make dancers familiar with the feeling of the basic two-step. Young people love the Carlyle step, however, and it can be an introduction to round dancing at this level. It will do for a one-night stand for teenagers. The step, cut, cut, touch, is exciting and they have the breath for it!

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