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LS E-36, Side A. Track 1, instrumental; track 2, brief cues

Formation: Double circle, partners in closed position; man facing LOD.

Footwork: Opposite throughout, steps described for the man.




l- 8 SIDE, CLOSE, SIDE, STOMP, SIDE, CLOSE, SIDE, STOMP, - Step side- ward to left, toward COH, on left foot, close right to left, step sideward to left again, and "stomp" right alongside left. Repeat all with opposite footwork in opposite direction.

9-16 SIDE, STOMP, SIDE, STOMP, FORWARD, TWO, THREE, FOUR Step sideward to left towards COH on left foot and "stomp" right alongside left. Repeat action moving to right. Then, in banjo position, right hips adjacent, walk 4 steps in LOD man moves forward, lady backs up.

17-24 CHANGE, WALK, THREE, FOUR, CHANGE PROGRESS, TO NEW GIRL Partners change to sidecar position, left hips adjacent (each turns ½ right-face in place), and they continue in LOD with 4 steps, man backing up, lady moving forward. Partners change to banjo position again (each turns ½ left-face in place), immediately release each other to move the way they now face, man in LOD, lady in RLOD. Each passes one person, taking the second person they meet. Key: "Release yours, pass one, swing the next."

25-32 SWING NEW PARTNER New partners swing 8 counts ending in closed position, man facing LOD, to begin again.

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