Tamara-Fascination Waltz


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Introduction: 4 measures.

Part A
     Starting with the regular back-up-down, (with the
     gentleman rocking back on his L foot, then up and down),
     he will waltz his lady fwd 4 measures, and then he will
     reach behind the lady with his R hand grasping her L
     behind her back.
     Then, holding her L hand with his R, while she waltzes
     away from him (L-face) and back to grasp his L hand with
     her R behind his back (using six steps). He now turns away
     from her (L-face) in six steps, full around and back again,
     taking her L hand behind her back with his R. She goes out
     again and turns around holding with her L hand and reaches
     behind his back with her R and he turns away from her
     again holding her R hand with his L. And again taking her
     L in his R, (She holds his L hand with her R in front of him,
     and has reached her L around behind her and holds his R in
     it. She lets go with her R and circles six steps around her L
     and back facing him, taking his L which he has put behind
     his back, in her R. Now he lets go with his R and circles six
     steps around holding with his L, and comes back to her and
     reaches behind her back with his R, where he again takes
     her L hand. Letting go with the R hand which crosses over
     in front of partner is at first a little awkward, but soon is
     done easily enough that it all becomes as smooth as silk.
     The lady turns, the man turns, the lady turns, the man turns,
     using two measures for each turn. It is easy once you get the
          15-16     TURN AND BOW
     He now lifts her R hand, which has been crossed over in
     front of him, high over her head and turns her L face around
     so she is facing him. (He pulls at the same time with his R
     hand which holds her L behind her back). And facing her
     and holding both hands wide and high makes a very slight

Part B
          17-20     DUM-TE; DUM-TE; DUM-TE-DUM-TE; DUM-TE
     Taking waltz pos, and stepping with his L foot fwd, he
     holds through the second beat of the measure and quickly
     closes his R to it on the third. He does another step fwd on
     the L and holds for the second beat, then quickly steps with
     the R in closing. He does a third step fwd on his L holding
     through the second beat, and on the third beat, does a very
     quick little R-L-R (this is the delight of the dance.) He takes
     a final step on the L, holding it one beat, and closing again
     on the third. (She moves bwd in front of him, in dance pos,
     doing exactly the same steps with the opp feet.)
     Starting with his L foot, he does four regular waltzes fwd.
          25-32     REPEAT
     Repeat all of the last 8 measures once more starting with
     the Dum-te and ending with the four waltzes fwd.
          33-64     REPEAT ALL
     Repeat all of the A and B parts from the beginning.

Part C
     In order to change the lead and get the next steps naturally,
     the man rocks back on his L foot, holds through the second
     beat, and closes his R to his L on the third. Then he starts a
     regular waltz quite naturally with his L foot (L, R, L).
     As he does the next waltz beginning on his R foot, he twirls
     her (R face) once around. On the second measure he steps
     on his L foot, swinging his R over in front of him. (At the
     same time she steps on her R and swings her L over
     between them.)
     5-6  TWIRL AND DIP
     He does one more waltz step beginning with his R foot and
     twirls her again, holding her R hand in his L again twirls
     her back (L face turn this time), and on the next meas dips
     back on his L foot, raising his R foot very slightly, extended
     out in front of him and down again on the third beat. (She
     goes fwd on her R, and holds her L foot extended behind
     her, paralleling him.)
     They then waltz for 4 meas, he starting with his R foot lead.
     He repeats the twirls, doing them exactly as in meas 3-6.
          15-16     CANTER AND WALTZ
     To get back in step with the music again he steps fwd on
     his R, holds through the second beat, and closes his L to his
     R on the third beat. He does the last meas of regular waltz
     beginning with his R foot.
     1-32 REPEAT Parts A and B from the beginning.

     1-8  WALTZ AND BOW
     Starting with his L foot, he waltzes for 6 meas. (The waltz
     count weakens somewhat on the sixth meas, but he goes
     right ahead.) He starts the waltz on the seventh meas, which
     is slow, and on the last beat of this measure begins to turn
     his girl (R-face), and bows on the eighth meas, waiting until
     the final note to arise again.

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