A mixer written by Muriel Curd Peck, of El Dorado, Kansas.

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Record: LS X-64

Formation: Dancers in couples standing in a circle, hands joined,
facing COH.

All join hands and circle left boys,
     (All join hands and circle to the L for 8 steps.)
Go back right, in single file.
     (Reverse direction, and circle R in single file.)
Now you dos-a-dos the girl behind you,
     (Men turn to corner and dos-a-dos around them.)
Dos-a-dos your partner for awhile.
     (Men face original partner and dos-a-dos around them.)
Allemande left your little corner lady,
     (Allemande L with corner.)
Right and left in order round the ring;
     (Giving R hand to partner, L to the next beyond her, take
     the next girl with the R hand ready to promenade.)
Now you promenade the one you meet there,
And you smile at that girl and sing.
     (You promenade with her until the music ends, and then
     repeat the whole thing.)

The above words fit the music more exactly, but Muriel Curd Peck,
when she gave us the dance, used an off-beat rhythm, fitting
several words to a full note. It is very delightful, and those who
want to bother with it may find it very worth while, or may care to
build something like it, or to sing them alternately.

Oh, you'll all join hands and circle to the left around the ring;
Turn right back, go single file, and you won't have time to swing.
Dos-a-dos your corner girl, the one behind you, Joe;
Dos-a-dos your own little girl, the one you know just so.
Allemande left   your corner, two time around if you have time,
Right hand to   your own, then left and right, you're doing fine.
And you'll promenade this new little girl, you'll promenade the floor;
And you'll smile as you've never smiled before.

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