Meet Me In St. Louis


A square dance in 2/4 time written by Dr. W. S. Hollycross of St.
Louis, Missouri.

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Record: LS X-84 and X-86

Formation: Normal four-couple square set.

Everybody swing with Louie, swing 'em high and low
Now bow to your partner, weave the ring, in and out you go
     (A right and left grand without touching hands)
When you meet your tootsy-wootsy, you'll dos-a-hootchy-kootchy
          (Dos-a-hotchy-kootchy is a normal dos-a-dos. At the finish,
     step up beside the woman, and the women turn R face to
     meet the man in a regular promenade pos. It is well to
     introduce, especially the women, as much hootchy-kootchy
     motion as possible.)
Take her to St. Louis, Louie, take her to the fair.
     (Do not bal at home. Ladies continue on, single file.)

Four little ladies promenade, go inside the ring
Home you go, swing your honey, everybody swing
Walk all around your corner, and back around your taw
     ("Walk around the corner" is like a gypsy)
See-saw 'round your partner, and settle down you all.

All four boys promenade, ladies twirl at home
     (Women R-face twirl with buzz step)
Swing 'em boys, swing your honey, swing her all alone
Walk all around your corner, then come back to your taw
See-saw 'round your partner, and settle down you all.

Four gents star across the set, and left hand swing that girl
Turn that star back home again, another left hand whirl
A right hand 'round your corner, give your own a left hand swing
Now by-the-right, grand right and left, all the way around and sing
     (Go full around the circle with a grand right and left)

Meet me in St. Louis, Louie, meet me at the fair
Don't tell me the lights are shining any place but there
Now dos-a-hootchy-kootchy, with your tootsy-wootsy
Swing her in Saint Louis, Louie, swing her in your square.

All four couples face your corners, box the flea and then
     (Box the flea is a L-handed exchange-of-places)
Go to your partner, weave the ring, until you meet her again
Promenade her to Saint Louis, Louie, and take your lady fair
Don't tell us the lights are shining, any place but there.

(Repeat the entire dance once. The second time through substitute
for the last two lines:)

Promenade just like eleven, you're in your seventh heaven!
Now take her to Saint Louis, Louie, Nineteen-fifty-seven!

(We had to have something that rhymed with "seven" and
"heaven," and we thought of "eleven." It seems to me just - but not
quite - "swell." Eleven, a pair, one and one, walking along
together! It means just promenade. Pardon us, please!
       Lloyd Shaw)

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