The Rose of Tralee


Waltz, re-arranged from the "Old Tyme" dance "Pride of Erin."

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Music: "The Rose of Tralee"

Record: LS 245

Position: Facing, man's back to COH, arms extended in loose
butterfly position.

Footwork: Opposite throughout. Steps described for man.

Introduction: 4 measures of 3/4. Wait two meas in open pos, facing
LOD; step-touch apart; step-touch together, maneuvering into
butterfly, man's back to COH.

     1-4  STEP,  ,  ; CROSS-STEP,  ,  ; SIDE, BEHIND, SIDE
     (TURN); POINT,  ,   
     Partners facing, man's back to COH, arms extended in
     loose butterfly pos, step fwd in LOD on man's L and hold 2
     counts; crossing R over L, step in LOD on R and hold 2
     counts; step to L in LOD on L, step R behind L, step L
     pivoting twd RLOD; point R twd RLOD and hold 2 counts
     (woman opp).
     5-8  Repeat meas 1-4 in reverse, starting man's R twd RLOD,
     and ending pointing man's L twd LOD.
     BEHIND; POINT,  ,   
     In butterfly pos, man's back to COH, cross L foot over R,
     step to side (twd RLOD) on R, step behind R on L; point R
     twd RLOD and hold 2 counts; repeat meas 9-10 in opp
     direction, M crossing R over L, step to side twd LOD on L,
     step R behind L; point L twd LOD and hold 2 counts.
          13-16     WALTZ, 2, 3; STEP, DRAW-TOUCH,  ; WALTZ, 2, 3;
          STEP, DRAW-TOUCH,   
     Release man's L and woman's R hands, going into open
     pos, inside hands joined, waltz fwd in LOD for 1 meas,
     maneuvering back-to-back; back-to-back, still holding
     inside hands, step to R (LOD) on man's R, draw L to R and
     hold for 1 count in touch pos; release man's R and
     woman's L hands, and, joining man's L and woman's R,
     waltz fwd in RLOD to end meas face-to-face; rejoining
     both hands, man steps to R on R in RLOD, draws L to R
     and holds L in touch position for one count.
          17-20     BALANCE, 2,  ; BALANCE, 2,  ; CHANGE, 2, 3;
          PLACES, TOUCH,   
     Facing, loose butterfly, man's back to COH, balance fwd
     on man's L (woman opp), touch R; balance back on man's
     R, touch L, ending meas with arms stretched almost full
     length between partners; turning woman L-face under her R
     and man's L hands, change places in 1 waltz meas (L, R,
     L); step R, touch L.
          21-24     Repeat meas 17-20 back to place with man's back to COH,
          this time woman turning under her L and man's R hands.
          25-28     SIDE, CLOSE,  ; SIDE, SWING,  ; SIDE, CLOSE,  ;
          SIDE, SWING (MAN),   
     Butterfly pos, step to side in LOD on man's L, close R to L,
     and hold; step L to L, swing R across L, and hold; starting
     man's R, repeat meas 25-26 to man's R (RLOD),
     maneuvering during last count into closed pos.
          29-32     WALTZ, 2, 3; WALTZ, 2, 3; WALTZ, 2, 3; WALTZ, 2, 3
     In closed pos, stepping bwd on man's free L foot, do four
     R-face turning waltzes (making progress in LOD) for two
     complete revolutions, back to original pos, man's back to
     COH, ready to repeat the dance.

At the end, twirl the lady and bow.

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