Reach for the Stars


A waltz by Jerry and Charlie Tuffield of Denver, Colorado

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Record: LS 247-45

Music: Reach for the Stars

Position: Introduction, open, facing LOD. Start dance in closed

Footwork: Opposite through. Instructions for man, woman does

          Intro     WAIT 2 MEAS; WALTZ BAL AWAY: TOGETHER, 2, 3
          4 meas    In open position, M waltz balance twd COH (W twd
          wall), stepping L to side, R behind L, L in place;
          M waltzes in place (R, L, R) while W turns « L-
          face in 3 steps (L, R, L) to face partner and end in
          closed pos, M facing LOD.
     In closed pos, M facing LOD, travel diag twd wall in LOD
       step L across R, step to side on R, close L to R (W
     crosses behind); Diag twd COH   step R across L, step to
     side on L, close R to L; M dips back on L in RLOD,
     bending knee slightly (W dips fwd on R) and hold 2 counts;
     M waltz fwd, starting R foot while W twirls 1 « R-face to
     end in open pos, face LOD.
     5-8  STEP, SWING,  ; STEP, TOUCH,  ; STEP, FLARE,  ;
     STEP, TOUCH,   
     In open pos, step on L, swing R, pivoting to back-to-back
     pos; step to side (LOD) on R, touch L beside R, change
     hands, joining M's L and W's R; step on L, flare R foot
     around, pivoting L-face twd RLOD to face partner and join
     both hands momentarily; step R, touch L,  .
     9-12 WALTZ OUT; WALTZ FWD (W turns to banjo); WALTZ
     In open pos, waltz fwd, turning slightly back-to-back; M
     waltz fwd while W turns (L, R, L) « L-face to end in banjo
     pos (R hips adjacent); waltz fwd in banjo pos (W bwd); M
     step fwd in LOD on R turning 1/4 R-face to face partner,
     step to L side in LOD on L, again turning 1/4 R-face, close
     R to L while assuming closed pos, M's back to LOD.
          13-16     WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; TWIRL
     Dance 3 R-face turning waltzes; on meas 16 twirl W R-face
     under M's L and her R arm to end in open pos, facing LOD.
          17-20     STEP, SWING,  ; CHANGE SIDES, 2, 3; CROSS, SIDE,
          BEHIND; STEP, DRAW,   
     Step on M's L, swing R across; partners exchange
     positions, M crossing twd wall in front of W (R, L, R)
     turning R-face to face COH, while W crosses over twd
     COH (L, R, L) turning under her L and M's R hand
     (California twirl) to end in Butterfly pos, facing with arms
     extended, both hands shoulder high; grapevine twd LOD,
     M crossing M's L in front of R, step to side on R, behind
     on L (W crosses in front with R, to side on L, behind on R);
     step R in LOD and draw L to R.
          21-24     STEP, SWING,  ; CHANGE SIDES, 2, 3; CROSS, SIDE
          BEHIND; STEP, DRAW,   
     Repeat meas 17-20 in RLOD, ending in open pos, facing
          25-28     WALTZ FWD; WRAP, 2, 3; WALTZ FWD; UNWRAP-
     Starting M's L, waltz fwd 1 meas in LOD; as M waltzes
     fwd a 2nd meas, (R, L, R) W makes a full L-face turn inside
     M's R arm in 3 steps (L, R, L) to end in WRAP pos, with
     M's R and W's L hands joined around W's waist and M's L
     and W's R hands joined in front, both facing LOD; waltz
     one meas fwd in LOD; retaining handholds, M maneuvers
     in 3 steps (R, L, R) to end with back to LOD, while W does
     one full R-face turn (L, R, L) under her R and M's L hands
     to end in closed position (this last measure should be done
     while progressing in LOD).
          29-32     WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; TWIRL
     Repeat action of meas 13-16, ending in closed pos, M
      facing LOD.

To the original music, the dance is done three times. On the last
time through, twirl the lady on meas 32, bow and curtsey.

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