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LS E-17

Formation: Double circle of couples facing LOD, inside hands joined, girl on boy's right. Begin on outside foot.


Meas. (2 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-4 = 8 counts)

1- 4 Walk 7 steps forward, turn to face partner on 8th ct;

5- 8 Walk 4 steps backward, away from partner (boys moving toward the center of the center of the hall, girls moving toward the wall); clap hands three times fast; stamp feet three times fast;

9-12 Walk forward diagonally to the right to a new partner and do-sa-do;

13-16 Swing new partner with a two-hand swing. End facing in LOD, inside hands joined.


1- 4 Forward;

5- 8 Away, clap and stamp;

9-12 To the right and do-sa-do;

13-16 Swing.

Note: The music has a "stop" phrase during which the claps and stamps occur. It is fun and a challenge to time the three claps on the first two beats and the three stamps on the second two beats so that on the musical phrase for the do-sa-do everyone is ready to go with the music.

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