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By Carlotta Hegemann 

LS 3322 

Formation: Couples face in circle, M's back to COH, both hands joined.

Footwork: Opposite throughout

Introduction: 4 measures, wait 



Starting M's L step to side on L, swing R across (W steps R, swings L XIF); repeat action to R; partners change places in 2 meas of waltz (letting go W's L hand) passing L shoulders under M's L and W's R hand to face, and join both hands again.

5-8 STEP, SWING; STEP, SWING; CHANGE INTO VARSOUVIANNA; Repeat meas 1 & 2 and in 2 waltz meas maneuver into Varsouvianna pos facing LOD.

9-12 WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; Start M's L (W's R), do 4 fwd waltzes progressing LOD.

13-16 STAR RIGHT; AROUND, -, -; JOIN HANDS IN CIRCLE; Letting go L hands couple turns CW in STAR pos in 3 meas of waltz. On 4th meas let go R hands and W turns quickly R-face to join hands in circle, all facing COH, W on M's R.

17-20 STEP, SWING; STEP, SWING; GRAPEVINE (LADY ROLL); - - -; Repeat footwork of meas 1 & 2. In RLOD M does grapevine stepping side L, step R behind L, step side L, cross R in front, touch L. (As M does grapevine W makes one complete R-face turn progressing LOD as she rolls across in front of corner M to again face COH and join hands in the circle). This is the first of three partner changes.

21-24 STEP, SWING; STEP, SWING; GRAPEVINE (LADY ROLL); - - -; Repeat meas 17-20, (second of 3 partner changes).

25-28 INTO THE CENTER; STEP, SWING; BACK UP; STEP, HOLD; Hands still joined in circle, starting on M's L (W's R) move into COH in 4 steps, swing L. Back up to original place in 4 steps, touch L.

29-32 MEN TO CENTER; - - -; TURN BACK TO CORNER; - - -; Let go hands and W balances in place as M starting L moves twd COH in 6 steps, turns L-face to progress to his corner lady in 6 steps to face her, his back to COH ready to commence at beginning of dance. This is the 3rd partner change. 

NOTE: In meas 1 & 2, 5 & 6, 17 & 18, 21 & 22, and 26 (all the step swings) opposite footwork is used and the swinging foot should never be more than a few inches above the floor with the sole of the foot parallel to the floor.

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