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LS 227

Formation: Circle of couples in varsouvianna position, facing LOD. Footwork: Identical throughout, both start with L.


l- 2 STEP, CLOSE, STEP,-; STEP, CLOSE, STEP, -; Two-step with left foot, then with right foot.

3- 4 WALK, 2; 3, 4; Do four walking steps forward, starting with L foot.

5- 6 HEEL, TOE; WOMAN WALKS TO THE CENTER; Both do a left heel-toe, releasing right hands, W walksL, R, L toward center of hall and M walks L, R, L toward the wall;

7- 8 HEEL, TOE; WALK TO MEET A NEW PARTNER; Both do a right heel-toe; releasing left hands, W takes 3 steps R, L, R diagonally to outside of circle, makes a L-face turn to face LOD, M walks three steps forward to assume varsouvianna position with a new partner.


LS 227

Formation: Circle or rows of three facing LOD. The center person joins hands with the outside hands of the other two. The outside persons join their near hands behind the center person. In this formation, dance Measures l-4 as in "Oklahoma Mixer" above, then continue as below:

5- 6 HEEL, TOE; OUTSIDE TWO WALK FWD; All three do a left heel-toe. Then the outside two drop each other's hands, continuing to hold the hands of the center person; while he takes three steps in place, they walk forward, L, R, L, turning to face the center person, still holding his hands.

7- 8 HEEL, TOE; PULL THE OUTSIDE TWO BACK; In the position described at the end of Meas. 6, each person repeats the heel-toe (right heel, touch right toe). Then the center person takes 3 steps forward, R, L, R in LOD at the same time pulling the outside two past him in RLOD. Each center person has now moved to a new outside two.

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