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Recording: LS 45-402

Music: "Nights of Gladness" by Ancliffe.

This is possibly the very simplest of waltzes in Viennese tempo. It
is a joyous little dance, and has a winsome quality that has
endeared it to both expert waltzers and casual square dancers. It is
discussed on p 216 of "The Round Dance Book."

Position: Open, near hands joined, facing LOD.

Footwork: Opposite throughout. Instructions for man, woman does
opposite steps.

Introduction: 8 meas of fast waltz. Standard acknowledgment on
the last meas.

     1-4  STEP, SWING,  ; STEP, SWING,  ; STEP, SWING,  ;
     Man steps twd LOD on his L foot, and, pivoting outward,
     swings R foot fwd (also swinging joined hands fwd); man
     steps fwd on his R and, pivoting slightly inward, swings his
     L foot fwd (swinging joined hands bwd); man steps fwd on
     his L and swings his R foot (and joined hands) fwd,
     pivoting so partners are almost back-to-back; man steps on
     R completing the pivot so he is completely back-to-back
     with his partner and lets L foot swing into a "touch" pos,
     next to the supporting R foot.
     5-8  STEP,  , DRAW; STEP,  , DRAW; STEP, SWING
     AROUND,  ; STEP, TOUCH,  
     In back-to-back pos, man steps twd RLOD on L, holds, and
     draws R to L; repeat; man steps on L and letting go with his
     R hand, swings his R foot out and around, doing a L-face
     pivot on his L foot so he is again facing his partner (woman
     opp); face-to-face, partners join both hands, as man step on
     R and touches L to R.
     9-12 STEP, SWING,  ; STEP, SWING,  ; SIDE,  , BEHIND;
     SIDE, SWING,  
     Partners face-to-face, both hands joined, man steps twd
     LOD on L and swings R across; man steps twd RLOD on R
     and swings L across R; steps twd LOD on L, holds one
     count, steps behind L on R; (These two meas make a
     cantered grapevine) man steps twd LOD on L again and
     swings R across L.
          13-16     STEP, SWING,  ; STEP, SWING,  ; SIDE,  , BEHIND;
          SIDE, SWING,  
     Repeat meas 9-12 in reverse, starting twd RLOD on man's
     R foot. On the last meas, open out to face LOD in open pos.
          17-24     REPEAT MEAS 1-8
     On the last meas, close up into closed dance pos, pivoting
     so that man is facing LOD or nearly so.
          25-32     DIP,  ,  ; PAT,  ,  ; WALTZ FOR 6 MEASURES
     Partners in closed pos, man facing approx LOD, man steps
     bwd twd RLOD on his L foot and holds 2 counts (woman
     dips fwd on her R with L leg arched behind her) while he
     keeps his R foot off the floor and held with a straight leg;
     man pats R foot lightly straight in front of him and lifts it
     again and holds 2 counts; stepping fwd in LOD on man's R,
     do 6 meas of R-face turning waltz, ending with a "step,
     step" on the last meas, twirling the woman into pos to
     repeat the dance.

Sequence: The entire dance is done 4 times. On the last time
through, twirl the woman on the 5th meas of waltz, and end with a
bow and curtsey.

Variation: Dancers may omit the DIP and PAT on meas 25 and 26,
if they prefer and go directly into 8 meas of turning waltz. The dip
and pat is much more fun.

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