Also known as "The Three Step," a traditional slow waltz.

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Music: "Moonwinks"

Record: LS 3304

Position: Closed pos, man facing LOD, woman facing RLOD.

Footwork: Opposite throughout, steps described for man.

Introduction: 4 meas. Wait 2 meas, bow to partner.

     2, DIP; BACK, 2, DIP
     Starting man's L, take 3 slides to man's L and twd COH (L-
     close R, L-close R, L-touch R); repeat 3 slides to R twd
     wall; walk straight fwd in LOD for 3 steps, L, R, L (woman
     bwd), dipping the L knee distinctly on the third count while
     raising the R slightly behind (woman opp); walk straight
     bwd in RLOD for 3 steps (woman fwd), dipping the R knee
     on the last count (woman opp).
     5-8  Repeat meas 1 & 2; then beginning man's L, walk straight
     fwd 6 steps in closed pos (woman bwd).
     9-12 STEP, SWING,  ; STEP, SWING,  ; BACK, 2, 3; TWIRL,
     2, 3
     Letting go with his L hand, man slips to the L beside
     woman, holding only her L hand in his R, steps on his L
     and swings R fwd in LOD, while woman steps on her R
     and swings L fwd in LOD (it is necessary for woman to
     pivot RF twd LOD as she takes the step); letting go hands,
     man steps on R and pivots on it twd partner and on around
     into back-to-back pos, facing RLOD, and swings L twd
     RLOD, as they join his L and her R hand, while woman
     steps on L, pivoting twd man and back-to-back to swing R
     in RLOD; in this pos, facing RLOD, inside hands joined
     and almost back-to-back, partners back up 3 steps in LOD
     (L, R, L for man), turning to face each other on the third
     step, with man's back twd COH; man steps in place while
     twirling woman RF under her R and his L hands and they
     assume closed pos.
          13-16     SLIDE, SLIDE, TURN; SLIDE, SLIDE, TURN; WHIRL,
          2, 3; DIP, STEP, STEP
     In closed pos, while turning RF, partners repeat the slide
     steps of meas 1 & 2 (man sliding L-close R, L-close R, L-
     touch R), doing a half RF revolution each meas while doing
     this; complete a full 1 « turn by whirling vigorously (L, R,
     L) in closed pos and opening out to face LOD in semi-
     closed pos. Dip bwd on inside feet, with outside feet
     pointing fwd, and then take 2 little steps in place, L, R, for
     man, while woman steps R, L, as she pivots LF to face man
     with her back to LOD, ready to repeat the dance.

Note: The old dance originally consisted of only the first 8 meas.
The second part was added later to make the dance interesting and
more meaningful for modern round dancers, and is now standard.
Beginners sometimes use only the first part. The pattern was
invented to make use of very slow waltz music. Notice that there is
no turning waltz. Routine is done 3 times.

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