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By Dena M. Fresh 

Music: Minuet from "Gods Go A-Begging" by Handel

LS 4567 

Position: Open, facing LOD with heads held high. Footwork opposite throughout.

Intro: 4 meas. You may bow slightly to your partner if you wish on third meas. 


1-4 STEP, POINT, -; STEP POINT, -; TURN AWAY, 2, 3; DIP, 2, 3; With the dignity and light carriage of the Minuet, step fwd in LOD on L, and point R fwd, hold; step fwd on R, point L fwd, hold; turn away from your partner with 3 steps (beginning on M's L and W's R, and making a 3/4 turn until you are facing your partner); step back away from partner on R (W's L) with a slight dip, and continue LF turn by stepping L and R, to end facing LOD again, with inside hands joined. (Remembering that the waltz rhythm preceded the waltz step by a long time, let there be marked parallelism of steps on the waltz measures.)


9-12 PIVOT, SIDE, BACK; PIVOT, SIDE BACK; SLIDE, DRAW (LOD), -; SLIDE DRAW, (RLOD), -; Release hands (M put backs of hands on hip pockets). Step fwd in LOD on L and at same time pivot back-to-back, step side on R, step L behind R with a slight dip; step side on R in LOD and at same time pivot RF (W pivot LF) to face partner, step to side on L, step behind L with a slight dip; step L to side in LOD, draw R toe to L instep using 2 cts. - while W does a complete solo LF turn R, L, R; M step side on R in RLOD, draw L toe to R instep using 2 cts. (W step L in RLOD, draw R toe to L instep).

13-16 REPEAT MEAS 9-12. End facing partner, R hands joined.

17-20 BAL APART, -, -; BAL TOGETHER, -, -; STAR AROUND, 2, 3; 4, 5, 6; Begin on M's L, bal apart (M twd COH, W twd wall); bal tog on M's R (hands held high with elbows almost touching); star around in 6 steps begin M's L (turn heads slightly twd partner and joined hands).

21-24 BAL APART, -, -; BAL TOGETHER, -, -; PAS DE BASQUE (front); PAS DE BASQUE (front); Keeping R hands joined, repeat bal as in meas 17 & 18; pas de basque to L (both XIF) - step swd on L, cross R over L and take wt on it, step L in place; pas de basque to R. W turn head to R as pas de basque, and then to L as pas de basque.

25-28 SIDE, BACK, SIDE; FRONT, SIDE, BACK; AWAY, 2, DIP; TOGETHER, 2, 3; With R hands still joined, take 6 step grapevine in LOD both stepping to side and crossing in back; release handholds and step back from partner on M's L and R, dip slightly on L, leaving R leg extended (W opp); step twd partner on extended foot (M's R), then L, R (W opp) to a R-hand star pos.

29-32 AROUND, POINT, -; AROUND, POINT, -; AROUND, 2, 3; OPEN OUT, 2, 3; Moving around in the R-hand star pos, M step L, point R, hold (W opp); step R, point L, hold; on around, L, R, L; slight bow to W as she turns gently R-face with a slight bow to break and change handhold ready to repeat the dance in open pos. Deep bow at the end.

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