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Music: "The Merry Widow Waltz" by Franz Lehar.

Record: LS 45-101

Position: Closed, man's back to COH.

Footwork: Opposite throughout. Instructions for man, woman does

Introduction: 4 measures. Wait two meas in open pos, facing LOD.
Then bal apart; and bal tog into closed pos, man's back to COH.

     1-4  ROCK BACK,  ,  ; AND FRONT,  ,  ; BACK,  ,  ; AND
     FRONT,  ,  
     In closed pos, man's back to COH, man rocks back on L
     foot, touching R lightly in place without moving it (woman
     rock fwd on R, touch L); rock fwd on R, touch L; back on
     L, touch R; fwd on R, at the same time pivoting L-face
     (woman R-face) to semi-closed pos, facing LOD and joined
     hands, touch L.
     5-8  STEP,  , SWING; STEP, (pivot to face, touch); STEP,  ,
     CLOSE; STEP, (pivot to RLOD, touch)
     Facing LOD and joined hands, step fwd on outside feet
     (man's L), hold one count and swing R foot fwd on count
     3; step fwd on inside feet (man's R, woman's L), pivot to
     face (man's back to COH), touch L; step to side in LOD on
     man's L, hold one count, and close with R on the 3rd count
     (canter); step again to L in LOD, at the same time pivoting
     to face RLOD (man turns R-face, woman L-face) and touch
     R on the 3rd count. (NOTE: Dancers are still in semi-closed
     pos. woman is at man's L side and they are looking twd
     RLOD over their encircling arms. Their joined hands
     (man's L, woman's R) are trailing)
     9-12 STEP,  , SWING; STEP,  ,  ; STEP, (pivot) FLARE,  ;
     DIP,  ,  
     Moving RLOD, looking over encircling arms, step fwd on
     outside foot, (man's R), hold one count, swing inside foot
     fwd on 3rd count; step fwd on inside foot (man's L) and
     hold 2 counts; step fwd on outside foot, immediately
     pivoting on this foot to face LOD, flare the inside foot
     around in almost a full circle on counts 2 and 3, man
     turning L-face, woman, R-face, as they come to face LOD;
     (They will drop their joined hands momentarily but still
     maintain the hold with the arms. The spoken cue calls for a
     "kick" on this flare, as the swinging foot is lifted quite high
     and swung full around to come in behind the pivoting foot)
     on meas 12 take wt on this swung foot, bending the knee in
     a little dip, which is held through counts 2 and 3, while the
     inside feet are held extended.
          13-16     WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ
     Starting with man's free and extended R foot, do three
     meas of R-face turning waltz; on the 4th meas, man steps L-
      while woman does a R-face turn under his L arm (R-L).
     End in closed pos, man's back to COH.
          17-20     ROCK BACK,  ,  ; ROCK FWD, STEP, CLOSE; BACK,
          STEP, CLOSE; FWD (pivot)
     The pattern is the same as in meas 1-4, but waltz steps are
     added in meas 2 and 3. Rock back on man's L (fwd on
     woman's R), holding for the measure; rock fwd on man's R
     and step, close (L, R); rock back on man's L, and step,
     close (R, L); on meas 20 step fwd on man's R (woman's L)
     and pivot into semi-closed pos, facing LOD as in meas 4.
          21-24     STEP, SWING, RISE; RUN, 2, 3; STEP, FLARE,  ; DIP,
     Step fwd on outside foot (man's L), swing inside foot fwd,
     do a slight rise or hop on count 3 of the meas; starting on
     raised inside foot (man's R) run fwd 3 steps (R, L, R); step
     on outside foot (man's L), at the same time pivoting (man
     R-face, woman L-face) to face RLOD, still maintaining
     semi-closed pos, joined hands trailing, and on counts 2 and
     3, kick-flare the inside foot (man's R, woman's L) clear
     around and behind; on meas 24 dip back on these now
     outside feet, raising the inside feet off the floor, parallel.
          25-28     RUN, 2, 3; STEP, FLARE,  ; DIP,  ,  ; WALTZ, 2, 3
     Starting on inside feet, run fwd in RLOD 3 steps; repeat the
     step, kick-flare of meas 23 in reverse, stepping on outside
     feet and pivoting away from each other to face LOD,
     sweeping the inside foot clear around behind; take weight
     and dip on this sweeping foot, letting the free foot (man's
     R, woman's L) lift up from the floor on the third beat of the
     measure; on the last meas, step onto man's R (woman's L),
     maneuvering into closed pos, and do one R-face turning
     29-32     WALTZ WHIRL (for three measures); TWIRL THE
     With R feet close together, couple makes a spot turn in
     place in 9 little steps; twirl the lady, and bow.

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