A waltz by Dena M. Fresh of Wichita, Kansas.

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Record: LS 211-45

Position: Closed, man facing LOD. Directions for man, woman
opp except where noted.

Introduction: Wait 2 meas, bal away, bal to closed pos.

     1-4  BAL BACK,  ,  ; WALTZ (RF); WALTZ; FWD WALTZ
     Bal back in RLOD on man's L; two RF turning waltz steps;
     one fwd waltz in LOD to end with L hips tog, man facing
     diag to wall and LOD.
     2, 3
     Moving in LOD, man step L across R (woman step R
     behind L), step to side on R, step L in place; step R across
     L, step to side on L, step R in place (man face wall, woman
     COH); step fwd on L twd wall, back on R, and to side on L
     (woman step back on R, to side on L, fwd on R); man still
     facing wall, walk fwd R, L, R to do a 3/4 CW spot-turn
     with woman pivoting on third count, to open pos, couple
     facing LOD.
     9-12 STEP, SWING,  ; TURN, 2,  ; STEP, SWING,  ; TURN,
     2, FACE
     Step to side on L, swing R across in front of L (woman
     opp); partners exchange places with man crossing behind
     woman in a RF turn with 2 steps R, L   while woman
     crosses in front of man with a LF turn in 2 steps L, R to end
     facing LOD in open pos (man on outside); repeat the
     action, beginning on man's R; end with man on inside
     facing partner and wall, both hands joined.
          13-16     AWAY, TOUCH,  ; TOGETHER, TOUCH (to banjo),  ;
          WALTZ AROUND, 2, 3; LADY TURN, 2, 3
     Step away from partner on L, touch R beside L; step twd
     partner on R to banjo pos, touch L beside R (woman take 2
     steps L, R, hold to banjo); with 2 waltz steps, spot-turn CW
     3/4 around, both beginning on L   woman turn RF R, L, R
     on second waltz to end facing LOD on man's R side in
     Varsouvianna pos.
          17-20     CROSS WALTZ; CROSS WALTZ; CROSS, SIDE,
          BACK; POINT,  ,  
     Moving in LOD, both cross L over R, step to side on R,
     close L to R; cross R over L, step to side on L, close R to L;
     cross L over R, step to side on R, step L behind R; point r
     to side and hold.
          21-24     Repeat meas 17-20, starting by both crossing R over 
L, etc.
          25-28     FWD WALTZ (woman turns); FWD WALTZ; WHEEL, 2,
          3; MANEUVER
     Still in Varsouvianna pos, as man does one waltz fwd in
     LOD, woman turn RF under the joined R hands with 2
     steps L, R to end in skirt skaters' pos; waltz fwd on man's
     R (woman's L); couple wheel RF one complete turn with 2
     waltz steps, man maneuvering on last count to closed pos,
     man's back to LOD.
          29-32     WALTZ (RF); WALTZ; BAL APART; BAL TO CLOSED
     Man step back in LOD on L and take 2 RF turning waltz
     steps, to end in open pos facing LOD; bal to side and away
     from partner on L, touch R beside L; bal to side and twd
     partner on R (woman step in front of man on L), touch L
     beside R and assume closed pos.

Repeat dance two more times. End with a twirl and a bow.

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