A waltz by Jerry and Charlie Tuffield of Denver, Colorado.

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Record: LS 207-45

The Tuffields have gotten into the habit of teaching three of their
waltzes as a medley. It makes a beautiful exhibition. To dance
"Jerry's Medley," simply dance each of these dances through once
in the following order: "Lovers' Waltz," "Honeymoon," and then
"Happy Waltz." At the end of each single sequence twirl and
maneuver into position for the next dance. The music will tell you
what to do. Here are the instructions for "Honeymoon Waltz."

Position: Closed, man's back to COH.

Footwork: Opposite throughout, directions for man.

Introduction: 4 meas. Wait two meas and acknowledge.

     AWAY,  ,  ; STEP, DRAW,  
     Starting on L, step to the side in LOD, stepping briefly
     on R, cross in back of L, and stepping in place on L;
     repeat, starting with R; both roll away (man to L, woman
     to R); facing partner, step on R to the side in RLOD, draw
     L to R, keeping wt on R.
     5-8  Repeat action of meas 1-4.
     9-12 STEP, SWING,  ; REVERSE TWIRL; DIP,  ,  ;
     Step fwd in LOD on L and swing R fwd; woman does a
     reverse twirl, turning L, while man steps bwd 3 steps
     ending facing wall in order to: dip back on L twd COH;
     maneuver waltz to end with man's back to LOD.
          13-16     WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; TWIRL
     Three RF turning waltzes and twirl woman to
     Varsouvianna pos.
          17-20     FWD WALTZ; FWD WALTZ; TURN-TO-FACE; STEP,
     Starting on man's L and woman's R, do 2 fwd waltzes in
     Varsouvianna pos; retaining the holds of both hands, man
     raises his R and woman's R hand over her head, and
     woman turns one quarter LF to face man in 3 steps (man
     turns one quarter R to face woman) arms are crossed; step
     to side on R, slightly in RLOD and touch L to R.
          21-24     CROSS OVER,  ,  ; STEP, TOUCH,  ; CROSS OVER,  ,
           ; STEP, TOUCH,  
     Change places in 3 steps, crossing woman in front, still
     holding hands (woman turns half RF under joined R hands
     while M turns half LF, ending with man's back to wall,
     woman's back to COH, still holding hands, arms are
     crossed); step on R to side, slightly in LOD; touch L to R;
     repeat the cross-over, still crossing woman in front of man
     (woman turns half LF under joined R hands); step, touch,
     ending in closed pos with man's back to COH.
          25-28     DIP,  ,  ; MANEUVER WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ
     Dip back on man's L, touch R beside L; maneuver waltz in
     3 steps to end with man's back to LOD; starting bwd on L
     do 2 RF turning waltzes, making one full turn.
          29-32     WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; TWIRL
     Three more RF turning waltzes, ending with man facing
     LOD; twirl the woman into starting pos.

Ending: After the third time through, twirl the lady and bow.

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