A waltz written by Carlotta W. Hegemann of San Antonio, Texas.

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Music: "Home on the Range"

Record: LS 232-45

Position: Couples facing each other in a circle, man's back to

Footwork: Opposite throughout, instructions for man.

Introduction: Wait 2 meas, bal apart, bal together into butterfly pos.

     1-4  BACK,  , CLOSE; BACK,  ,  ; FWD,  , CLOSE;
     CROSS, 2, 3
     Letting go hands, partners back away from each other, man
     stepping back L,  , close R; step back L and hold; partners
     progress twd each other, man stepping fwd R,  , close L;
     join R hands and exchange places in 3 steps, R, L, R,
     crossing past R shoulders (as in box the gnat) to end with
     couple facing each other, man's back to wall.
     5-8  Repeat action of meas 1-4 except that on the last meas,
     partners join R hands and step R, L, R (woman L, R, L)
     into Varsouvianna pos, facing LOD.
     In Varsouvianna pos, starting man's L, waltz fwd 4 meas in
          13-16     LADY OUT; STAR; AROUND; FACE
     Man steps in place, L, R, L (woman lets go L hands and
     turns RF twd wall in 3 steps R, L, R into R-hand star pos);
     starting man's R, couple makes one complete CW turn in 3
     waltz meas, to end with man facing LOD (woman faces
     man and RLOD, R hands still joined).
          17-20     TOGETHER; APART; WALTZ; WALTZ
     Partners bal twd each other, man stepping fwd L; partners
     bal apart, man stepping back R; (let go hands) man
     progresses LOD in two meas of waltz to meet new partner
     (join R hands) (woman progresses RLOD to new partner).
          21-24     Repeat meas 17-20, joining R hands with second new
          25-28     Repeat meas 17-20, joining hands with third new 
          STEP, HOLD,  
     Repeat meas 17-18 with this fourth partner (third new
     partner); man steps in place L, R, L while woman twirls LF
     under their raised R hands to semi-closed pos with man's
     back to COH; step R in place (woman, L) and hold.
          33-36     RUN, 2, 3; POINT,  ,  ; RUN, 2, 3; POINT,  ,  
     Starting L (woman R) progress 3 steps in LOD in semi-
     closed pos, pivoting twd each other on the third step to face
     RLOD still in semi-closed pos; point free foot RLOD and
     hold; repeat meas 33-34 in RLOD, starting R; point free
     foot in LOD.
          37-40     WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ
     Taking closed pos, man steps back L to start 4 meas of RF
     turning waltz, making one complete revolution to end with
     man's back to COH in semi-closed pos.
          41-44     Repeat meas 33-36.
          45-48     WALTZ; WALTZ; TWIRL OUT; FACE
     Repeat meas 37-38; man steps in place maneuvering to face
     wall, while woman twirls RF under his L and her R hands,
     to end facing man and COH; step R, touch L (woman step
     L, touch R) letting go hands to commence at beginning of

At the end of the dance   the last time through   let go hands, as
both bow.

Remember women, whenever you assume Varsouvianna pos, hold
your hands quite high, so the gentleman can stand straight and need
not lean on you!

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