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Position: Open, facing LOD, inside hands joined.

Footwork: Opposite throughout, directions for man.

     1-4  ROCK FWD; AND BACK; FWD; AND BACK. Rock fwd
     on the outside foot (man's L), and back on the inside foot.
     5-8  STEP-SCUFF (three times); AND STEP TURN. The man
     steps on his L and scuffs the R foot over in front of it (as
     though he were kicking a stone out of the path). The
     woman does the same, using opp feet. (They both kick out,
     then in, then out.) Stepping on the near foot (his R) and,
     facing each other, they continue the turn around until they
     are facing directly bwd to their original line of motion.
     9-16 REPEAT. They rock fwd and back again twice (he rocks
     fwd on his L, she on her R) and do three step-scuffs (in,
     out, in). Then pivoting toward each other they face fwd
     again and take semi-closed dance pos.
          17-18     WALK, TWO; THREE, DIP. In semi-closed dance pos,
          they take three steps fwd (his L, R, L) and turning quickly
          toward each other (without letting go) point the free foot
          bwd (his R) and bend or dip their bodies twd it. (This is not
          a standard dip.)
          19-20     WALK, TWO; THREE, DIP. They now walk three steps
          bwd to their original line of motion (RLOD, his R, L, R)
          and turning twd each other so as to face fwd again they dip
          their joined hands down twd their extended feet (his L).
          21-32     TWO-STEP; TWO-STEP; TWIRL; TWIRL. Beginning
          with his L foot they do two meas of two-step (one complete
          revolution). Raising his R hand (which holds her L) above
          her head, she does two R-face twirls. They repeat the two-
          steps and twirls two more times, ending up side by side.
          33-34     WALK, TWO; THREE, KICK. Putting his R hand around
          her waist he takes her R hand, and they join L hands in
          front (skirt skaters' pos). Keeping step with each other they
          walk diagonally fwd and to the R, stepping L, R, L, and
          then swinging the R foot fwd in a sort of kick.
          35-36     BACK, TWO; THREE, FOUR. They retrace their steps,
          walking bwd along the same line (R, L, R, L).
          37-38     CHANGE, TWO; THREE, KICK. They quickly change
          direction, turning at R angles to their former path, and walk
          fwd diagonally to the L. They walk R, L, R, and swing the
          L foot fwd in a kick.
          39-40     BACK, TWO; THREE, FOUR. They back up on the same
          line with four bwd steps.
          41-44     CROSS; CROSS; CROSS; CROSS. Crossing the L foot
          over in front of the R, they step on the L. Then crossing the
          R over in front, they step on it in a sort of rolling motion
          like the Drunken Schottische. They step L, R, L, R.
          45-48     WALK AROUND IN A TINY RING. In a sort of pivot, he
          sweeps her full around him with his R arm, but actually
          they do a tiny circle in order to use up the eight small 
          to get around.

Repeat the entire dance.

Coda. At the end, the music changes during the last pair of two-
steps and twirls. Then add two more two-steps, and a single twirl
and a balance, taking her L hand in his R. The man then kneels on
his R knee and raises their hands over his head, while the music
lets her walk around him and sit on his upright knee for a playful

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