A two-step written by Marguerite Clapp of Palm Springs,

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Record: X-63

Formation: Start in closed pos, men's back to the center, and the
dance described for the men throughout. Man begins with L foot,
woman with R, opposite footwork throughout.

Part A (Staccato, closed pos)
     Step left in LOD (1), close R to L (2), step left again (3),
     touch R toe to L instep (4); step on the R to the rear, RLOD
     (1), close L to the R (2), step R across in front of L and
     hold one count while turning partner so both face LOD in
     semi-closed pos. (The woman also steps across in front)
     Point L foot fwd (1-2), step bwd on L (3-4), step bwd on R
     (1), close L to R (2), step fwd on R (3-4), and end facing
     5-8  REPEAT 1-4
     9-12 TWO-STEP; TWO-STEP; PIVOT, 2; 3, 4
     Turning CW with 2 two-steps, keep on turning 4 slow
     pivots progressing down the floor (avoid a spot pivot). The
     woman steps with the R between her partners feet on count
     1, while the man steps with his L around his partner.
          13-16     TWO-STEP; TWO-STEP; SIDE,  , BACK,  ; SIDE,
          FRONT, SIDE BACK
     One CW turn with 2 two-steps, ending with the man's back
     to the center. Then, still in closed pos, do a grapevine of
     two slow and four quick steps. Stepping to the side (1-2),
     back (3-4), then side (1), front (2), side (3), and back (4).
          17-32     Repeat all of 1-16. Staccato.

Part B (Legato, semi-closed pos)
     1-2  WALK, 2, TURN, DRAW; WALK, 2, TURN, DRAW
     Twd joined hands walk three steps, turning back on count
     3, and drawing R foot to the L instep on count 4. Repeat,
     moving RLOD twd encircling arms, turn fwd on count 3,
     and draw L to R.
     3-4  TWIRL, 2, 3, SWING; UNWIND, 2, 3, DRAW
     With lead hands joined (man's L and woman's R), twirl the
     woman slowly in place to finish with a slow swing across
     with the free foot. The man steps L, R, L, and swings the R,
     the woman turns R, L, R, and swings the L. Unwind by
     twirling the woman L face L, R, L, to original pos, both
     draw the free foot to dancing instep, while changing hands
     to man's R and woman's L in open pos facing LOD.
     5-6  WALK, 2, 3, SWING; ROLL, 2, 3, SWING
     Starting on the outside foot (man's L and woman's R),
     walk fwd three steps, and swing the free foot diagonally
     across to the outside on the fourth count. Release hands,
     and with swinging foot (man's R and woman's L), start a
     three step roll across to partner's place. The woman turning
     CCW in front of man. The man rolls CW, passing behind
     her to the outside of the circle. Touch free foot to instep,
     and join hands again, (man's L, and woman's R).
     7-8  CHANGE BACK, 2, 3, TOUCH; UNWIND, 2, 3, DRAW
     As in the Glowworm, cross back in 3 steps (L, R, L) to
     original pos by raising joined hands with woman going
     under the arch. Touch free foot to the instep of the dancing
     foot. Man steps in place R, L, R, as the woman unwinds L,
     R, L, under the joined hands. Man draws the L to R, while
     the woman draws the R to the L on the 4th count.
     9-16 REPEAT all of 1-8, Legato
     Repeat the entire dance (a total of two times). Finish the
     dance after the last repeat with a "turn the lady and bow,"
     instead of a draw.

The joy of this dance is in the change of tempo, starting with a
staccato for 32 meas, and then suddenly slowing down to a legato
for the last 16 meas. Be prepared for this. There is no change in
tempo in the music, but there is a change in the mood, and the
dancer half-times his steps accordingly.

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