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A waltz couple dance.

Position: Couples in Varsouvianna pos, facing LOD, identical
footwork to begin.

     1-4  CROSS; SWING; SWING; STEP, STEP,  . They both step
     fwd on the L foot after crossing it over beyond the R. Then
     they swing the R foot fwd and back in a free swing. They
     then step on the R behind the L and quickly step on the L,
     turning slightly to the L at the same time.
     5-16 REPEAT (four times in all). They now repeat to the other
     side crossing over with the R, swinging the L, and stepping
     behind with a L, R. Then the same thing to the R once more
     and finish with the same steps to the L.
          17-20     DRAW; AND DRAW; DRAW; AND TURN. The man
          extending the L arm fwd and moving the R hands in twd
          his L shoulder, she backs up in the curve of his L arm. They
          both step bwd (swd to LOD) on the L and draw the R to it.
          They step again and draw.
     Now, extending the R hands fwd and pulling the L hands in
twds his R shoulder they do an almost L about face, so she is now
backed into the curve of his R arm. They step back on the R and
draw the L to the R. As they repeat this step-draw, he lets go with
his R, and pushing their L hands farther between them, he turns her
to a waltz pos (closed).
          They waltz four meas rotating to the R and finishing with
          their R hips together and his R hand extended over in front
          of her. (His back should be twd the COH if they have been
          progressing around the room in the regular manner.)
          25-26     STEP,  , CLOSE; STEP,  , SWING. He steps bwd on his
          L, closes his R to his L, steps again on his L and swings his
          R foot back. She steps fwd on her R with a close step and
          swings the L fwd.
          27-28     STEP,  , CLOSE; STEP,  , FLIP. They back up 
          their steps, he going fwd this time while she backs up. After
          this second step-close-step, instead of taking another swing
          with the free foot, they both do a quick R-face flip so she
          will be facing LOD, their L hips will be together, and he
          will be facing RLOD. They continue holding on with the
          modified holds of the waltz (closed) pos.
     29   STEP, STEP, FLIP. While she walks fwd with a R and L,
     he walks bwd with a L and R, and suddenly flips around
     fwd pivoting L-face around on his R foot.
     30   STEP, STEP. She continues walking fwd, uninterrupted by
     his flip, stepping on her R and L again. He walks two steps
     fwd with her, on his L and R.
          31-34     WALTZ; TWO; THREE; VARSOUVIANNA POS. They
          waltz three measures rotation R-face and on the fourth meas,
          turn side by side in the Varsouvianna pos and facing fwd
          35-36     STEP, GLIDE; STEP, SWING. They both step diagonally
          fwd on the L and instead of closing the R to the L, they let
          it glide on beyond in a little dipping motion and step
          beyond. Then stepping fwd again on the L, they swing the
          R foot fwd.
          37-38     STEP, GLIDE, STEP. They now back up, by stepping bwd
          on their R, gliding past with the L and stepping again on the R.

Repeat the entire dance.

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