A waltz by Russ and Leah Hendrickson of Denver, Colorado.

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Music: "Moonlight on the River Colorado"

Record: LS 252

Position: Open, inside hands joined, facing LOD.

Footwork: Opposite throughout, instructions for man.

Introduction: 4 measures. Standard acknowledgment.

     1-4  WALTZ AWAY; WALTZ TOGETHER (maneuver);
     Starting on outside feet, waltz fwd and diagonally away
     from each other; waltz fwd and twd each other man
     maneuvering to closed dance pos; starting man's L, do two-
     R-face turning waltzes, making one complete turn, and
     opening out at the end of the second waltz meas to face
     LOD in open pos.
     With inside hands joined, step fwd on man's L, swing R
     fwd (holding swing through count 3), pivoting into back-to-
     back pos; with inside hands still joined, man steps on R twd
     LOD, steps on L behind R, steps again on R, pivoting to
     face partner (woman opp); man steps on L twd LOD, steps
     on R behind L, steps on L; releasing hands, partners turn
     out and away from each other (man to L, woman to R) man
     stepping R, L, R, and making one complete turn in 3 steps,
     to face LOD in open pos.
     9-16 REPEAT MEASURES 1-8, taking skaters' pos, facing
     LOD, at the end.
          17-20     WALTZ FWD; WALTZ FWD; STEP, SWING,  ; STEP,
     In skaters' pos, waltz together diagonally fwd to the R;
     waltz together diagonally fwd to the L; step on man's L and
     swing R fwd and hold; step on R and touch L beside R
     instep (woman does the step-swing with the man, then she
     steps on L and pivots L-face « around to face man and with
     her back to LOD, and touches R to L), and partners assume
     closed pos.
          21-24     WALTZ FWD; WALTZ FWD; TWIRL, 2, 3; DIP,
     Dance two waltzes in LOD, man going fwd, woman bwd;
     while man does one waltz step almost in place, woman
     does a R-face 3-step twirl (R, L, R) under her own R and
     man's L arm; man dips slightly fwd on his R and touches L
     by R instep, as woman dips slightly bwd on her L and
     touches R.
          25-28     WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ
     In closed pos, man starting back on his L, partners dance 4
     R-face turning waltzes, opening out on the last meas to face
     LOD in open pos.
          29-32     STEP, SWING,  ; STEP, TOUCH,  ; TWIRL, 2, 3; STEP,
     Step on man's L, swing R fwd to back-to-back pos, and
     hold through count 3; step twd LOD on R, and touch L to
     R; man steps on L in RLOD, pivoting R to face partner,
     steps on R, and steps on L across in front of R, while
     woman is doing one L-face twirl in 3 steps (L, R, L); man
     steps on R in RLOD, and touches L beside R turning
     slightly to face LOD, while woman does counterpart,
     stepping on L in RLOD and touching R to L.

Entire dance is done three times. End with a bow.

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