A two-step written by Carlotta Hegemann, of San Antonio.

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Music: "La Borrachita"

Record: LS 251

Note: The rhythm is 4/4 with a definite Latin-American flavor. The
very simple steps consist mostly of an alternation of two walking
steps (slow, slow) with two-steps (quick, quick, quick).

Position: Semi-closed, facing LOD.

Footwork: Opposite throughout. Steps described for man.

Introduction: Four measures of 4/4 time. Standard

     1-4  WALK,  , WALK,  ; STEP-CLOSE-STEP,  ; WALK,  ,
     FACE,  ; BEHIND,  , SIDE,  
     After the little run of melody at the end of the intro, starting
     on man's L, take two long gliding steps in LOD in semi-
     closed pos; followed by one two-step starting man's L; step
     fwd R, pivoting to face partner, and, with only the lead
     hands joined, start a half grapevine in LOD, stepping to the
     side on man's L; cross R behind L, step to side on L (on
     this last step, woman pivots on her R foot, letting go hands
     and turning « R-face twd wall); assume Varsouvianna pos.
     5-8  STEP,  , THROUGH,  ; SIDE-CLOSE-SIDE,  ; WALK,
      , WALK,  ; SIDE-CLOSE-SIDE,  
     Couple is facing wall in Varsouvianna pos. Man steps R
     across in front of L in LOD (woman steps L to side L in
     LOD); (Because of the way some of the notes hold over to
     another measure, there appear to be only two counts for this
     meas 5. Just dance it to the music. It comes out perfectly
     solidly.) Still in Varsouvianna pos, do a twp-step apart in
     opp directions, man moving L in LOD stepping L, R, L
     while woman starts on her R twd RLOD, R, L, R (woman
     is now to the R of man); use tiny steps in this stepping,
     almost in place. Still in Varsouvianna, couple takes two
     slow gliding steps twd the wall, starting man's R; man does
     a quick sideways two-step twd RLOD, on his R, while
     woman does a two-step twd LOD, crossing in front of man
     so she is now on his L. (Keep those two-steps very tiny.)
     Let go hands. Man takes two slow steps in place, L, R,
     maneuvering L-face to face LOD (woman makes 3/4 R-face
     turn in place, R, L, to LOD); join hands in open pos, and,
     starting man's L, do three two-steps, progressing in LOD;
     at this point woman turns to face man in butterfly pos, her
     back to LOD. She pivots as she steps on her L to face him
     on the last count of meas 12. Man simply steps in place on
     this count, taking wt on his R.
          13-16     STEP,  , DRAW-CLOSE,  ; STEP,  , DRAW-CLOSE,  ;
          STEP,  , STEP,  ; STEP,  , STEP,  
     Step to side on man's L twd COH, close R to L, taking wt;
     repeat; step fwd in LOD on man's L (bwd on woman's R)
     then man steps fwd on his R; and continues to move fwd
     for two more steps; (meanwhile woman turns L-face slowly
     under her L and man's R hands, L, R, L, to semi-closed pos
     ready to repeat the dance.

Dance is done four times. At the end, step away from each other
and bow.

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