A waltz written by Jess and Ellis Gates of San Antonio.

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Music: "Caprice Viennoise"

Record: LS 253

Position at introduction, open, facing LOD, inside hands joined.

Footwork: Opposite throughout, directions for man.

Introduction: four measures
     butterfly), TOUCH,  

     1-4  WALTZ BAL L; WALTZ BAL R; VINE, 2, 3;
     In butterfly pos, man's back to COH, waltz bal L by
     stepping to L side in LOD on L swaying upper body to L,
     step on R foot cross in back of L (woman also cross in
     back), step in place on L; step on R foot twd RLOD,
     swaying upper body twd R, step on L foot cross in back of
     R, step in place on R foot; man steps on L in LOD, crosses
     R behind L (woman also cross in back), step to side on L;
     step through on R in front of L, step to side on L, close R to
     5-8  STEP, SWING,  ; STEP, TOUCH,  ; CHANGE SIDES, 2,
     3; 4, 5, 6
     In open pos, step fwd in LOD on L, swing R fwd, pivoting
     to back to back pos, hold one count; step to side (LOD) on
     R, touch L to R; change hands joining man's L and
     woman's R and holding joined hands high, man turns L-
     face and walks half way around woman in 6 steps (1 meas)
     to end facing COH, while woman turns R face and walks
     under joined hands 6 steps to end facing wall and in
     butterfly pos.
     9-16 REPEAT MEAS 1-8 in RLOD, ending in open pos, facing
          17-20     WALTZ AWAY, 2, 3; WALTZ TOG, 2, 3; ROLL OUT, 2,
          3; LADY MANEUVER, 2, 3
     In open pos, starting man's L, waltz away from partner, L,
     R, L, moving in LOD; waltz twd partner and LOD, stepping
     fwd on man's R, step to side on man's L (twd LOD),
     turning to face partner, close R to L and at the same time
     change hands to man's L and woman's R, and face RLOD;
     stepping back twd LOD on man's L, and releasing hands,
     partners roll out and around (man R-face, woman L-face),
     man stepping R, L; continuing on around twd LOD, woman
     maneuvers in front of man with her back to LOD in closed
     pos, while man steps R, L, R.
          21-24     L-FACE WALTZ TURN; L-FACE WALTZ TURN;
          TWIRL, 2, 3; STEP, TOUCH,  
     Dance two L-face turning waltzes down LOD, making a 3/4
     turn to end with man's back to COH; woman twirls under
     her R and man's L arms down LOD as man dances fwd in
     LOD, L, R, L; step fwd on R, touch L, end in momentary
          25-32     REPEAT MEAS 17-24, ending in closed pos, man's back
          to COH.
          33-36     FWD, SIDE, CLOSE; WALTZ (TWINKLE), 2, 3; WALTZ
          (TWINKLE), 2, 3; MANEUVER, 2, 3
     Dance a « box waltz, stepping fwd twd wall on L, to R side
     in RLOD on R, close L to R, turning to semi-closed pos;
     man steps fwd in LOD on R, close L to R, step in place on
     R (woman steps fwd on L, turning to banjo, steps R, L in
     place); still facing LOD, man steps in place L, R, L, while
     woman steps fwd twd RLOD on R, turning to semi-closed
     steps L, R; man maneuvers « R-face (R, L, R) to face
     RLOD as woman steps in place, L, R, L.
          37-40     WALTZ; WALTZ; WALTZ; TWIRL, 2, 3
     Man steps back in LOD on L to start 3 R-face turning
     waltzes, moving LOD; woman twirls R-face L, R, L, as
     man walks R, L, R; end in butterfly, man's back COH;
     woman twirls R-face L, R, L, as man walks R, L, R; end in
     butterfly, man's back COH.

Repeat the dance once (meas 1-40) and end with a twirl on meas
40 the second time through.

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