A waltz written by Henry (Buzz) Glass, Oakland, California.

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Couples stand side by side, with R hands joined over the girl's R
shoulder and the L hands joined in front of the men (Varsouvianna
pos). During the four measures of introduction, they rock slightly
fwd and back, and again fwd and back, if they wish.

     1-2  BAL FWD; PARK LEFT
     Without changing hand holds the woman waltzes over in
     front of the man (L, R, L) and backs up to his L side,
     stepping on her R foot and swinging the L foot out in front.
     The man at the same time steps in place (L, R, L) while he
     crosses her over in front of him, and steps on his R
     swinging the L fwd.
     She repeats by crossing back (L, R, L), (while he does
     almost the same steps in place), and they both swing the L
     fwd as they bal back on the R.
     5-6  TWIRL, 2, 3; 4, 5, 6
     Letting go with his R hand, he starts her fwd on a R face
     twirl, and lets go of her hand. She does one complete, slow,
     R face revolution in six steps. He follows her with very
     light steps and takes her hands again in Varsouvianna pos.
     They both rock fwd on the L foot in one measure and back
     on the R on the next.
     9-16 REPEAT MEAS 1-8
     They turn L face or CCW, turning nearly twice around, and
     ending facing the wall. If they go fwd on the L foot on the
     first beat of the first meas, and step behind with the R on
     the second meas, and so on for the 8 measures, letting the
     RL and LR fall where they will on the end of each meas,
     they will come near enough to the box waltz to serve our
          25-26     RUN THREE; SWING FWD
     Letting go with their R hands, the girl runs fwd in front of
     the man (still holding his L hand), while he works a little to
     his R (L, R, L), and ends with her facing into the COH
     while he faces the wall. In this pos they both step on the R
     and swing on the L fwd.
          27-28     AND BACK THREE; SWING AGAIN
     Then running bwd for three steps, they end by the man
     facing twd the COH and the lady facing out, and stepping
     on the R, swing the L again
          29-30     RUN AND DUCK UNDER
     Running three steps fwd again, so both are almost facing in
     the original pos, the man raises his L arm and the woman
     turns L face under it. They are both facing fwd again
     around the circle, resuming the Varsouvianna hold.
          31-32     ROCK FWD AND BACK
     They both rock fwd on the L on the first measure and back
     on the R on the second.

They repeat the whole routine two more times, and start the fourth
time, finishing after the repeated turn-around, leaving plenty of
time for the final bow.

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