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By Carlotta Hegemann 

Music: "One Kiss" (Scope Record Co)

LS 3321 

Formation: Couples in circle, butterfly pos, M's back to COH

Footwork: Opposite throughout 

Introduction: Wait 2 meas, in open pos, bal apart, bal to butterfly 



1-4 BALANCE TOGETHER; BALANCE APART; CANTER; CANTER; Starting M's L do one waltz bal tog, one waltz bal apart; step L to L in LOD, close R hold 2 counts. Repeat meas 3.

5-8 GRAPEVINE, 2, 3; 4, 5, 6; STEP, DRAW; STEP, DRAW; M steps on L to L in LOD, cross R behind L (W also crosses behind), step to side on L, cross R in front of L, step to side on L, cross R behind L, step to side on L, draw R closing to L. Repeat meas 7.

9-16 REPEAT PART A: Ending in Open Pos facing LOD. 


17-20 WALTZ FWD; WRAP; BALANCE FWD; BALANCE BACK; Starting M's L do 2 waltz fwd in LOD (on 2nd meas W still holding inside hands makes one turn L-face into M's R arm, joining her R and his L hands as she faces LOD); do one waltz bal fwd on L; repeat bal stepping back on R.

21-24 WALTZ FWD; INTO CLOSED POS; WALTZ TURN; OPEN; Starting L and still in wrap pos, waltz 2 meas in LOD; releasing M's R and W's L hands maneuver to closed pos on second meas. M's back is to LOD as he steps back L in LOD to commence R-face waltz turn in 2 meas ending in Open Pos facing LOD.

25-28 WALTZ AWAY; WALTZ TOGETHER; SOLO TURN; INTO BANJO; Starting M's L do 2 waltz meas LOD, turning away and tog, swinging inside joined hands fwd and back. Letting go hands and progressing LOD do solo 3/4 turn away from each other (M L-face, W R-face) in 6 steps to Closed Banjo Pos; (M is facing diagonally to wall in LOD, W faces RLOD diag to COH).

29-32 BANJO AROUND; AROUND; TWIRL; FACE IN BUTTERFLY; Starting M's L with R hips adjacent, wheel CW in 3 meas of waltz; then step R touch L. M is facing wall. (On 3rd meas W twirls R-face under her R and M's L arms to face him in Butterfly pos.) 

The routine is done 3 times. At end of dance, twirl to open pos and bow.

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