by Henry “Buzz” Glass 

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Record: LS E-48

Music: “Over the Waves,” as played by Gordon Terry and the AudioLoft Musicians; courtesy B. J. Carnahan (History Records) and Gordon Terry 

Position: Couples in open position, near hands joined, and starting on outside feet.

Directions for the man, lady does counterpart. Standard acknowledgment during musical intro. 


1  STEP, SWING, -; Gently swing the joined inside hands forward and turn slightly away from partner, step fwd L, swing R across in front of L, and hold;

2- 3  ROLL-ACROSS, -, 3; 1, SWING, -; In canter rhythm with M turning CW (W CCW, passing in front of M) partners exchange places (into L open pos.) step R, and, L; step R, swing L, and hold;

4- 5  ROLL-ACROSS, -, 3; 1, SWING, -; Repeat Mea. 2-3 in opposite dir, with opposite footwork and rolling in opposite directions, W XIF of M;

6  FACE, TOUCH, -; (take closed pos.) While assuming closed pos: Step R, touch L, and hold; (M face wall)

7- 8  WALTZ, 2, 3; WALTZ, 2, 3; Two R-face turning waltzes ending in open position.

9-16  Repeat Meas. 1-8, ending in semi-closed position.

17  STEP, SWING, -; Step L fwd, swing R fwd, and hold;

18  TWINKLE, 2, 3; Step fwd R, fwd L while starting to turn inward, close R

to face RLOD in reverse semi-closed pos.

19  TWINKLE, 2, 3; Repeat Meas. 18 in opposite direction with opp. ftwork.

20  STEP, TOUCH, -; Step fwd R, touch L, and hold;

21-28  Repeat Meas. 17-20 twice more.

29-32  STEP, SWING, -; HOOK, (pivot), (and); WALTZ, 2, 3; OPEN, 2, 3; Still in semi-closed position step fwd L, swing R fwd, and hold; then the M crosses his R over his L so that his feet are almost touching and parallel, then with both feet on the floor but the weight on his R he pivots L-face until his feet are again parallel and he is facing almost RLOD, and holds; (at the same time the W dances around him with 3 steps; L, R, L; staying close so as not to pull the M off balance). Then in closed position waltz (L-face) until M is facing wall; and on the last measure drift apart in 3 more steps into open position.   

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