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Record: LS E-37, Side B. Track 1, instrumental; Track 2, cued by Bill Castner.

Formation: Couples (lady on man's right) in a single circle, all hands joined and facing COH.

Footwork: Opposite throughout, directions are for the man.

INTRO: Wait four measures, then dance starts.

Meas. (3 counts per meas.)

1- 4 BALANCE IN; BALANCE OUT; ROLL AWAY; HALF SASHAY; Step fwd on left ft on ct 1, touch rt toe to side of left ft on ct 2, hold ct 3, swinging joined hands forward; step bwd on rt ft on ct 1, touch left toe to side of rt ft on ct 2, hold ct 3, swinging joined hands bwd; man rolls lady across in front of him (she makes a full L-face turn in 6 steps) and takes her rt hand in his left during the roll to end in a single circle again, all facing COH.

5-16 REPEAT MEASS. 1-4 THREE MORE TIMES. At end of Meas. 16, man faces LOD and the lady on his right, while lady faces RLOD and him to take butterfly position, M & W's palms together, arms extended sideways.

17-20 STEP DRAW; STEP DRAW (IN); STEP DRAW; STEP DRAW (OUT); M & W step sideways twd COH on ct. 1. They draw their following ft to lead ft (heel to instep), cts 2 and 3 (there should be a slight sideward bend at the waist, M & W lead hands high, while each is looking at the drawing ft and keeping following hands low); repeat Meas. 17; repeat step-draws away from ctr of hall, with natural change of hands held high and low;

21-24 REPEAT MEAS. 17-20;

25-28 GRAND RIGHT AND LEFT Still facing partners, take rt hands and begin a grand right and left; everyone shouts "B" while taking 1st rt hand, "I" on taking left hands, then "N" with rt hand, and "G" on taking left hands; 20-32 SWING When meeting the fifth lady, hug her (or swing) shouting OOOOOH!


Note: The called track of this record is with Bill Castner's voice. Bill's call are "in cadence" (like a singing call square dance) and NOT cued or prompted. Dancers react as soon as they recognize the action.

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