(Greggerson Style)

Called by Marvin Shilling from Trinidad, Colorado

Western Jubilee 570A


1. All join hands and circle out south

Get a little moonshine in your mouth

‘Round and ‘round and ‘round you go

Take your partner by the left and do a do-si-do

Partner left and corner right

And do-si-do with all your might

One more change and back to your honey and promenade

You promenade with your own little girl

Promenade eight go ‘round the world and promenade all

Promenade eight and promenade all

Get along home, don’t you fall

2. No. 1 couple bow and swing and

Lead right out to the right of the ring

Swing the Goodin’s with a right for a do-si-do

(1st gent swings 2nd lady or right hand lady with right hand, while 1st lady swings 2nd gent with right hand at same time)

Partner left and don’t you know

(1st couple swing with left hands while 2nd couple are now active and also swing with their left hands)

Take the next give right for a do-si-do

(1st gent goes across hall and swings opposite girl with right hand; at same time, gent 3 swings lady 2 and gent 2 swings lady 1 with right hands)

Back to your honey and you should know

(Gent 1 goes home and swings partner with left, while gents 2 and 3 swing own partners with left)

Then grandma right for a do-si-do

(gent 1 swings lady 4 with right, while at the same time gent 4 swings lady 3; gent 3 swings lady 2; and gent 2 swings lady 1; thus, all four couples are working or doing a do-si-do; continue do-si-do at least twice or until caller calls promenade)

3. Repeat No. 2 above leading with couple no. 2

4. Repeat No. 2 above leading with couple no. 3

5. Repeat No. 2 above leading with couple no. 4

Note: (Do-si-do is the same as do-pa-so)

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