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LS E-44, Side A

Jewish Mixer

Formation: Couples; single circle, lady on man's right, facing center; hands joined. Meas.

In single circle:

1- 4 Circle R eight steps.

5- 8 Circle L eight steps.

9-10 Two steps fwd twd ctr (drop hands), clap three times.

11-12 Two steps bkwd (rejoin hands), stamp heel three times.

13-16 Repeat Meas. 9-12.

With partner:

17-20 R hips adjacent (both hands joined at shoulder height), circle CW eight steps.

21-24 L hips adjacent (hands as in Meas. 17-20), circle CCW until men face in, pass W to L, under M's L arm, ending on new M's R side.

Dance repeats with a new partner.

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