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LS E-18

LS E-26 at reduced tempo

Israeli Folk Dance

Formation: Single circle, no partners, hands joined, facing center.



1-16 Circle moves to the left with a grapevine step. Leap on right foot crossing it over in front of left foot, step to side on left foot, step on right foot crossing it behind left foot, step to left on left foot (a total of 4 counts); repeat three more times.

17-24 Four steps into the center, bringing hands from low to high and singing, "Mayim, mayim, mayim, mayim"; four steps away from center, lowering hands and singing, "Hai mayim, bee-sa-son."

25-32 Repeat the action of Counts 17-24.

33-36 Still holding hands face clockwise and take 4 steps to the left starting on the right foot, singing "Hey! hey! hey! hey!" and finish facing the center of the circle on 4th step;

37-44 Hop on right foot and at the same time point the left toe to the right over and across the left foot, hop on right foot again while pointing the left toe back across to the left. Repeat this action 3 more times for a total of 8 counts or 8 points of the toe. Note: This is a continuous action, the left foot swinging right and left across in front of the right, while hopping on the right foot. Dancers may sing, "Mayim, mayim, mayim, mayim, mayim, mayim, bee-sa-son."

45-32 Drop hands, quickly shift weight to the left foot in order to repeat the action of Counts 37-44, hopping on the left foot and swinging the right across in front of the left to point the right toe to the left and to the right. On the point of the toe to the left, clap own hands extended in front at shoulder level; on the point of the toe to the right, open arms wide to the sides. Repeat three more times for a total of 8 points of the toe and 4 hand claps.

Note: Mayim means water. This is a dance by the Israelis in praise for the water which sustained them physically and spiritually.

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