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LS E-43, Side A


Formation: No partners; single circle; hands joined and down; R foot free.


l- 8 With weight on L foot, tch R toe in front, hold, tch R toe to R side, hold, step R slightly behind and to L of L, step L alongside R, then step fwd on R leaving L where it was, hold on count 8.

9- 16 Rock bk on L, hold, rock fwd on R, hold, then quickly rock bk on L, fwd on R, tch L alongside R, hold on count 16.

17-24 Starting with L foot, repeat counts 1-8 in opposite direction with opposite footwork.

25-32 Repeat counts 9-16 in opposite direction with opposite footwork.

33-40 Facing ctr Yemenite R. Turn to face R as you finish the Yemenite, take three steps L, R, L fwd, CCW, hold.

4l-48 Repeat counts 33-40.

49-56 Repeat counts 33-40.

57-64 Repeat counts 33-40.

"Yemenite" Step R to R; close L to R; step R across L; hold.

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