Welsh Waltz Mixer 

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Track 1, LS CD-1007  “Terpsichore's Delight”

Formation: Double circle, M with back to COH, partners' hands joined. 


1- 4 Four slides to M's L, W's R

5- 6 Step, swing; step, swing;

7- 8 Solo roll progressing down LOD, M L-face, W R-face;

9-16 Repeat l-8, ending in Alamo circle, M facing wall, W facing COH, R hands joined with partner, L hands joined with next person in facing circle;

17-20 Balance toward partner and apart, turn W under R-hand (box the gnat) and form Alamo circle with M facing COH, W facing wall;

21-24 Balance together and apart, turn L-hand W under to ballroom pos;

25-32 Waltz down LOD, ending with hands joined, ready to begin again. 

The dance goes through 7 times.

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