(No composer mentioned)

Dash record 2548A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2548B (Called by Dale Durbin)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of Ab, Tempo 132 bpm

Original dance by Dale Durbin, San Diego, California

Copyright date not given

Intro, break, ending:

Sashay ‘round the corner girl, bow to your taw

Circle left with hazel eyes

Allemande the corner, like a daisy chain

Go right and left then turn back one, box the gnat

Grand ole right and left around the ring you go

Do-sa-do with hazel eyes, then promenade

Can she cook? Can she sew? Can she do the do-sa-do?


One and three (two and four) right and left through, turn ‘em, roll away

Star through, do-sa-do around the outside two

All the way ‘round, ocean wave, rock it, swing through

Balance up and back, girls turn back, bend the line

Cross trail through and swing the one you meet

Swing and whirl with hazel eyes then promenade, she’s sweet

Can she dance? Can she swing? Can that gal do anything?

Ha – zel eyes

Sequence of dance: Intro, figure twice, break, figure twice, ending

Alternate patter:

She can dance, she can whirl, my goodness what a girl

She can dance and swing too, she can do the whoo–de-do

She can dance, she can swing, she can do most anything

She’s a doll, what a babe, grab ‘er boys and promenade,

With ha – zel eyes

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