(No composer mentioned)

Dash record 2547A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2547B (Called by Phyllis Krafft)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of D, Tempo 132 bpm

Original dance by Phyllis Krafft, Scottsdale, Arizona

Copyright date not given

Opener, break, closer:

Allemande left, allemande thar, go right and left and make a star

Gents swing in and make a right hand star

Shoot that star, a full turn go, star through with the corner Joe

Join hands and make a great big ring

Allemande left with your left hand, partner right a right and left grand

Meet that gal and promenade her home

Promenade to Louisiana, just about a mile from Texarkana,

In them old cotton fields back home.

Figure one:

First and third a half sashay, box the gnat across the way

Half square through, go right and left through you do

Dive through, do-sa-do, all the way around you’re gonna go

Square through, three quarters round the town

Split that ring ‘round one you do, in the middle a right and left through

Turn that gal, cross trail and then you’ll swing

Promenade to Louisiana, just about a mile from Texarkana

In them old cotton fields back home

Alternate tag:

Promenade that lady home, nevermore you’re gonna roam, in them old cotton fields back home

Sequence: Opener, twice for heads, break, figure twice for sides, closer.

Alternate figure using new acey deucey basic:

Figure two:

Side two ladies chain tot he right, turn ‘em boys and hug ‘em tight

Heads, go up and back, square through

All the way around you’re gonna go, with the outside two do a do-sa-do

Make an ocean wave and rock it up and back

Acey Deucey ‘round the track, balance forward up and back

Right and left through, turn that girl, square through

Three quarters ‘round that corner swing, promenade go ‘round the ring

In them old cotton fields back home

Acey deucey: From an ocean wave, men progress clockwise to next man’s position while girls swing half to another ocean wave position.

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